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Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan

Comments, Compliments and Complaints - Health and Social Care

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People with a mental health need should have access to flexible, quality services that are responsive to their needs at that point in time.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan is the result of wide consultation led by MIND, in partnership with the States of Guernsey, and it seeks to translate the broad intentions set out in the 2013 Mental Health Strategy into achievable actions. However, what makes this Plan different from the original strategy is the greater emphasis on prevention and emotional wellbeing and also what each one of us can do to promote our own positive emotional and mental health, as well as that of our friends, families and colleagues in the workplace. This reflects the Committee for Health & Social Care's explicit commitment to give mental health the same status as physical health in our Policy & Resource Plan.

The Plan has identified four priority areas for 2017-2020 to meet the Strategy's objectives:

  • Priority Area 1: A new model for Mental Health & Wellbeing

    • We recognise that people's mental health is not static and there will be movement between better and poorer mental health during their life, regardless of their condition. We want people to be independent and resilient and to feel confident in managing their own mental health. We want people to have access to the appropriate mix of support and interventions according to their need.
    • A five-tiered model is adopted as a framework to describe the provision of mental health and wellbeing interventions for those people experiencing mild to moderate symptoms to those with the most serious difficulties.
    • For further information on the new model please see the full document in the downloads.
  • Priority Area 2: Service delivery based on evidence based practice

    • We recognise that people with a mental health need deserve to receive the best care possible. We want people to expect to reach their personal recovery goals. We want services to be of the best possible quality and for mental health practitioners to be trained to deliver innovative and evidence-based interventions. We recognise that islanders have mental health needs related to their own community and environment and we need to understand what they are. We know that vulnerable people need to feel safe and have trust that they are effectively supported and protected.
    • For further information please see the full document in the downloads.
  • Priority Area 3: Increased awareness and access to information and services

    • People with a mental health need know what services are available, can access appropriate information, treatment and support safely and are enabled to make their own choices and where the community has a greater understanding of the importance of mental wellbeing.
    • We know that support for mental health should be entrenched throughout the community, in workplaces, schools, at home, in GP surgeries and within ourselves. We want to remove the stigma attached to mental health and create an environment where mental health is discussed openly in the community, as a part of everyday life. We know that improving access to mental health interventions will help us achieve that goal.
    • For further information please see the full document in the downloads.
  • Priority Area 4: Effective partnership working, collaboration and joint learning

    • People with a mental health need to live in a safe, supportive community environment where everyone prioritises good mental health.
    • We recognise that people with a mental health need want to access services from a wide range of agencies and to choose the option that works best for them. We know that mental health deserves equal consideration and priority with physical health.
    • We recognise that the best way to provide this, in a small community with limited resources, is for us to work together. We know that practical, flexible services rooted in the values of the community will lead to the best mental health outcomes for people. We will enable the whole community to act and to prioritise mental health together.
    • For further information please see the full document in the downloads.

In support of the priorities of the Mental Health & Wellbeing Plan, Deputy Soulsby, President of the Committee for Health & Social Care, and Deputy Tooley, Vice-President, have lodged an amendment to the "Policy & Resource Plan 2018 Review and 2019 Update" to highlight the need to address gaps in mental health and wellbeing services between primary and secondary health care.  The amendment is available here:

The Committee has completed a thorough evidence-based service-mapping, gap and issue analysis to inform its work, which is available in the downloads section on this page.





Mental Health & Wellbeing Plan for Guernsey 2017-2020 Guernsey and Alderney Mental Health and Wellbeing Service Map

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