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Moving to Guernsey with children

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If you are moving to the Bailiwick of Guernsey (Channel Islands) and have a child or children who are of compulsory school age (5 to 16) and wish to register them into Guernsey's education system, there are initially two options for you to consider: - States Maintained Education or Private/Grant-aided Education. Please read on for more information on both the options.

States Maintained Education System

If you wish for them to register your child or children into a States' Maintained School, you should read through the information below before completing and submitting a 'Moving to Guernsey -  School Admission Form'.

Admission Applications - Important Information

Applications for admission into a States of Guernsey School, as well as the voluntary Catholic Schools, are managed centrally by the Administration Section within the States of Guernsey, Education Operations.

Placements are usually offered and confirmed up to two months (during term time) in advance of a child's intended start date i.e. a September start, would be confirmed in June.

Applying in School Holidays
The processing of admission applications can be delayed if received late in the term or during school holidays, as communication with school based staff is very limited.

Required Documentation
All applications must be submitted for processing along with all required documentation, as stated on the admission form. It is also helpful to have a copy of a student's most recent school report, with details of their current/previous curriculum and examination boards.

Additional Needs/Support
So that we can place a child in a school which best meets their needs, it is important we are made aware of any special educational needs as well as the child's ability to speak, write and understand English.

For us to help meet a child's needs, as best we can, we ask that all relevant information and documentation be disclosed and submitted with the admission application. i.e. a Statement of special education needs; and/or a covering letter

  • Primary Education - Reception to Year 6

    • All children who reach the age of 5 before 1st September in a particular year are required, by law, to attend school for the next academic year onwards. We have also agreed that children who reach the age of 4 on or before 31st August may also start school from the beginning of the academic year in September.
    • Primary Schools in Guernsey accept children from a specific area of the Island known as the school's catchment area. Your child will normally attend the school in the catchment area where you live. The catchment area where you live can only be determined once proof of address, in the form of a copy of a Guernsey utility bill (dated within the last 3 months) or a signed copy of a lease/purchase agreement, has been received.
    • If you are applying for a place at one of Guernsey's voluntary Catholic Primary Schools, either at Notre Dame du Rosaire or St. Mary & St. Michael, you will need to produce a copy of your child's baptismal certificate.
  • Secondary Education - Year 7 to Year 11

    • Years 7 to 9

    • Children will be offered a place at the secondary school partnered with their catchment primary school. For further information please visit Partner Schools page.
    • Years 10 to 11

    • Your child or children may be offered a place at a High School which is not in the catchment area where you live if it is thought to be in their best interests and/or to accommodate their specific educational needs (e.g. GCSE subjects and curriculum).
    • In order to determine which High School is best placed, a copy of their most recent school report will be required.
  • Private Education

    • If you wish for your child or children be registered at one of the Island's Private/Grant-aided Schools, you will need to contact them directly. Contact details for each school can be found on their website, using the links provided below:
    • Blanchelande (boys and girls aged 3 to 16)
    • Website:
    • Elizabeth College (boys - aged 2 and half to 18; and girls aged 2 and a half to 11)
    • Website:
    • Ladies' College (girls - aged 2 to 18)
    • Website:
    • Monkey Puzzle (boys and girls - aged 3 to 7)
    • Website:


Primary School Admissions Policy Secondary School Admissions Policy Moving to Guernsey Admission Form School Admission Appeals 2021 08 12 v2.6 The circumstances in which a PC-OCAS request may be agreed The circumstances in which an ES-OCAPS placement may be contested Policy: ES-OCAPS Placement Criteria Policy: PC-OCAPS Placement Criteria Primary Out of Catchment Area Student (PC-OCAS) - Request Form

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