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Help with your online return

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This page is to help you solve problems related to filing an online tax return.

To get to your online tax return you need a MyGov account. Once you have successfully registered you will access the Revenue Service portal where your submitted and unsubmitted returns are available to you.

Here are some of the common problems that our customers can encounter:


  •  Am I meant to file an individual or joint return?

    • If you are single and have not been divorced or separated since 1 January 2022 you should file an individual return.
    • If you are married and got married before 31 December 2021 then you should file a joint return. These are generally done through the lead tax payer's account (husband or older partner in a civil partnership or same sex marriage).
    • If you are married but got married after 1 January 2022 then you should still file as a single person by submitting an individual return.
  • I am meant to be filing a joint return but my spouse has already submitted an individual return

    • Please contact us as you are legally obliged to file a joint return for 2022.
  •  I have access to my account but there is no tax return for me to fill in

    • First of all make sure you are eligible for an individual return for 2022. Only the lead taxpayer in a marriage or civil partnership, single people and those who have previously requested to file separately will see a 2022 return in their own online account.
    • If you believe you should have an online return available but there isn't one please contact the Revenue Service for help.
  • I have signed in to MyGov but can't access my Revenue Service account

    • Please make sure you have validated your tax reference number. Some customers have more than one tax reference number but only one will be linked to the online account. If you need clarification over which tax reference number to use please contact the Revenue Service.
    • As we come to the end of joint taxation some married customers are having problems linked to access. This is because married couples and those in a civil partnership have to file 2022 returns under the law as it was in 2022. This means that without a form of authority in place only the lead taxpayer will have access to the online return.
    • Married people (and those in a civil partnership) should file their 2022 joint return under the lead tax payer's tax reference number.
    • Please contact the Revenue Service if you believe you are using the correct tax reference but still don't have access to your account.
  • I can't sign in to my MyGov account

    • Before contacting MyGov support make sure you are using the correct email and password.
    • If you are using the correct email address and password but still can't sign in please email and make sure you state which email address you are trying to use.
  •  I am having trouble creating a MyGov account

    • Make sure you are correctly inputting your first name, last name, date of birth and email address.
    • Each MyGov account needs a unique email address so make sure it's not one already used by a spouse or other family member.
    • Make sure you are entering your correct social security number.
    • If your details can't be validated you can click 'get help with your registration' to log a request for help.
  • There are sections missing from my return or there are sections in my return that are not relevant

    • Go back to the 'tailor your return' section and select the parts that are relevant to you. This is where you tell the form which parts you need.
  • When can I file my 2023 return?

    • The 2023 return will be available online from the beginning of March 2024.
  • My new tax reference number isn't working

    • If you were married or in a civil partnership for the whole of 2022 (ie married before 31 December 2021) then you need to file a joint return under the tax reference number of the lead tax payer (the husband or older spouse in a same sex marriage/civil partnership).




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