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Overseas Aid

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The Overseas Aid & Development Commission distributes money provided by the States of Guernsey to charities undertaking development and humanitarian work in the world's least developed countries.


  • About the Overseas Aid & Development Commission

    • On behalf of the States of Guernsey, the Commission is responsible for distributing funds voted by the States for aid and development overseas by making contributions to ongoing programmes and to emergency and disaster relief; developing programmes relating to the collection and distribution of funds involving the private sector and carrying out the duties and powers above in accordance with policies set out by the Policy & Resources Committee.
    • The Commission is a non-statutory, non-governmental body. The Commission's President is Deputy Chris Blin and the Commissioners are: Miss Judy Moore , Mr Philip Bodman, Ms Teresa de Nobrega, and Dr Nick Paluch, Mr Bryan Pill and Mrs Margaret McGuiness.  The Commission publishes an annual report setting out details of the awards made and providing an update on the various projects its has supported.  Copies of past annual reports can be download from this site.
    • Each year the Commission invites any charity registered in the British Isles to apply for funding of up to £50,000 for a specific and sustainable single year project in one of the world's least developed countries, or funding up to £150,000 for a multi-year project .
    • If you wish to be added to  the Commission's email list to receive any updates on the Grant Aid scheme please click here.
  •  Applications for Multi-Year Grant Aid Funding - COVID-19

    • The Multi-Year Grant Aid Funding round for 2021 closed at 12 noon on Friday 13th March 2020. The Commission is unable to consider any applications received after the closing deadline.
    • UPDATE - Due to the  economic effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic the Commission's budget has been reduced for 2020 and 2021. Consequently it is with great regret that the Multi-Year Grant Aid Funding round has been cancelled.
  •  *FUNDING ROUND NOW CLOSED* Applications for Single Year Grant Aid Funding

    • The Single-Year Grant Aid Awards funding round for projects commencing in 2021 closed at 12 noon on Friday 26th February 2021. Late applications cannot be accepted.
    • This funding round was originally due to be launched in 2020 for projects to be undertaken in 2021, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and consequent uncertainty about the level of funds available to the Commission. This has now been fully resolved.
    • Applications for Single-Year Grant Aid Awards from the Overseas Aid & Development Commission of up to £50,000 could be submitted provided the charity and the project met the criteria. Please see the Commission's Grant Aid policy and guidance notes to the right on this webpage.
    • All applications for Single-Year Grant Aid Awards from the Overseas Aid & Development Commission could be made using the on-line application form. Applications could be made between Friday 15th January 2021 and 12 NOON on Friday 26th February 2021.
    • All applications were automatically acknowledged by email. Please keep this email safely as you will need it should you have any queries regarding your application.
    • The completed application forms have been forwarded to the Commission's Principal Officer for verification and checking. The Principal Officer will only contact you if there are any questions arising from your application.
    • Your application will be considered by the Commission in due course and you will be advised, in writing, of the outcome between early May 2021 and mid-August 2021 depending on when your application was submitted. As in previous years, the Commission will consider the applications in strict date order based on the submission date
  • Disaster and Emergency Relief Awards

    • The Commission's general policy in respect of Disaster and Emergency Relief awards is to only consider applications from charities which meet its specific criteria following a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis, which are as follows -
    •  EITHER
    • Registered with a Charity Commission or Charity Registry in the British Isles, and not currently under investigation for any alleged wrong-doing;
    • Already known to the Commission, with a track record of delivering effectively on grant-funded projects;
    • Well-established in the affected area (preferably with a long-term local partner organisation) and experienced in similar work to that which it is proposing to carry out; and able to demonstrate that it can scale up its resources and activities to meet the needs of the local community.
    • OR
    • A member organisation of the UK Disasters Emergency Committee; and
    • Registered with a Charity Commission or Charity Registry in the British Isles, and not currently under investigation for any alleged wrong-doing.
    • Charities applying for an award are strongly advised to read the Commission's relevant policy and to contact the Commission at before submitting an application.
    • Disaster emergency aid funding will normally be used to provide water, sanitation, emergency shelter, medical services and emergency feeding programmes to disaster or crisis affected areas in the immediate aftermath of the disaster or crisis, and to assist in getting emergency supplies within the areas affected.  Awards will be to a maximum of £50,000 per disaster or emergency. The application must set out how the charity proposes to use the funding requested and the budget must show what items will be purchased and in what quantity.
  • Guernsey International Development Network Events

    • Guernsey International Development Network Event - Wednesday 4th March, 2020 - 7.30pm - The Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts
    • 'Good For People, Good For Our Planet: How ethical trade can help us take on the climate crisis - and win'
    • You can watch a recording of the event here -
    • It was the first ever event of the Guernsey International Development Network, where internationally renowned experts took on one of the key issues of our time — how trade and working practices around the world are helping to shape, and reshape, the climate crisis.
    • Sustainable Development can be a game changer for people and planet — lifting disadvantaged communities out of poverty, and conserving and replenishing the world's precious natural resources — but what does that look like in practice?
    • Professor Kevin Bales CMG (Professor of Contemporary Slavery, The Rights Lab, and Trustee for Guernsey For Freedom) discussed modern day slavery, and how the world's worst working practices are also linked to climate devastation in many developing countries. He explained how changing our approach to production and consumption, around the world, can help to address these twin injustices.
    • Albert Tucker (Social Entrepreneur and Chair of the Karma Cola Foundation) explored how Fairtrade transforms lives — helping small-scale farmers to succeed in business, despite much bigger competitors; while offering a model of ethical trade that empowers people to care for, protect and develop their communities and their environment.
    • Professor Bales and Mr Tucker were then joined by Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez and Louise Smith for a Panel Q&A session on sustainable development, ethical trade and climate justice. Deputy de Sausmarez is a champion for climate action and green finance within Guernsey's government. Mrs Smith is co-founder of a Guernsey-based charity, This Is Epic, which supports sustainable development in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo through village Savings & Loans schemes.
    • The evening was open to everyone, and was of particular interest to people who are interested in international development, tackling the climate crisis, or promoting ethical business. Tickets were free of charge.
    • The event was held on Wednesday 4th March at The Princess Royal Centre for the Performing Arts. There was an opportunity to meet with the speakers, panelists and fellow guests at the end of the evening.
    • The Guernsey International Development Network is an initiative of the Guernsey Overseas Aid & Development Commission. Membership is free - please get in touch via
    • This inaugural event was held in partnership with the Guernsey Fairtrade Steering Group during Fairtrade Fortnight (24th February until 8th March 2020) - / and Guernsey For Freedom (formerly Abolitionist Guernsey) - / . Please visit their websites for more information on their upcoming events.


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