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Overseas Applicants

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions from UK and Overseas applicants.

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Please select the relevant question below or, if you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact the Recruitment Team on

General information regarding applying to the States of Guernsey can be found here.

  • Where can I find more information about Guernsey?

    • There are a number of ways to find out more about Guernsey.  The place to start is our main tourist board information site
    • You can also take a look at our Getting to Know Guernsey Guide pdf icon here [1Mb]
    • For information about moving to the Island visit  Although primarily aimed at business owners the 'your home' and 'your life' sections offer a wide range of information on everything from tax to education.  Plenty of information can also be found here at
    • is the website of our local daily newspaper and, alongside news, contains information on events, local organisations and has a large classified section where you can get find details of the local property market.
    • If you would like to hear directly from local people about what it's like to live in Guernsey simply enter #loveguernsey into any social media site or search engine for a look at the best that Guernsey has to offer.
  • Who can live and work in Guernsey?

    • The size and make-up of Guernsey's Population is regulated by the Population Management Law. The Law is designed to make sure that the island has the right mix of people supporting our economy and community now and also for the future. This is done by using a system of Permits and Certificates along with Immigration Clearance.
    • It aims to support local businesses by controlling Permits designed for employment purposes, allowing us to employ a diverse range of skilled people where needed to strengthen Guernsey's workforce.
    • It also determines who can live in certain accommodation. Guernsey's properties are primarily split into two 'Housing Markets' the 'Local Market' and the 'Open Market'.
    • If you have any questions about Guernsey's Population Management Law or wish to discuss your individual circumstances please contact Population via email at
  • Can I transfer my pension to the States of Guernsey Pension Scheme?

    • Yes, you are able to transfer your pension into our Scheme, subject to certain conditions.  If you are transferring benefits from a Public Sector Scheme it is essential that you do this within 12 months of starting employment and details of the process will be provided in your appointment letter.
    • If you have any queries regarding the States of Guernsey Pension Scheme please contact our Pensions Team on 01481 221993 (Option 4) or email at
  • Do you offer a 'relocation allowance'?

    • Yes. A generous relocation package is available to people who are moving to Guernsey to start employment with the States of Guernsey.  This includes an up-front lump sum to cover removal expenses and inbound travel, with further payments for rental allowance / subsidised accommodation and, where individuals are selling a property in order to move to Guernsey, a house purchase grant.
    • All payments / allowances relating to Relocation are subject to terms and conditions and will vary depending on the role applied for and personal circumstance.  Please read our Relocation Directive (available in the downloads section on this page) for further information please contact the Recruitment Team at  or on tel. 01481 747394
  • Will you pay for my travel to attend interview?

    • Yes.  We cover the travel and accommodation costs for individuals attending interview in Guernsey.  If you are shortlisted for interview you will receive an invite containing full instructions for booking travel and details of the available allowances.
    • Please note that all travel is booked via our travel service and is billed directly to the States of Guernsey.
  • I have a question about applying / a submitted application / my appointment

    • If you require further information regarding a vacancy that you have seen advertised please contact the individual named in the advert.
    • For all other enquires please contact the Recruitment Team at  or on tel. 01481 747394
  • I want to give feedback regarding the application process

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