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Partner Schools

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In September 2019, the four mainstream secondary schools started taking in all-ability year groups. This will allow all children in the future to be provided with similar opportunities at each secondary school.

The Committee for Education, Sport & Culture have implemented a 'partner school' system for Year 7 secondary admissions, from September 2019. The Partner School model means children from groups of primary schools are placed at their Primary School's Partner Secondary School Site, even if they no longer live within the catchment area of the primary school that they currently attend.

This will allow primary school year groups to be kept together during their transition to secondary education. It also enables secondary schools to work more closely with their partner primary schools, which will help to make the transition to secondary education as smooth as possible. In addition to this, it means that children are able to maintain the friendships they have formed at primary school.

  • Partner Schools for year group moving into secondary education in September 2023

    • Primary SchoolSecondary School Site
      AmherstLes Varendes
      CastelLes Beaucamps
      ForestLes Beaucamps
      Hautes CapellesSt Sampsons
      La HouguetteLes Beaucamps
      La Mare de CarteretSt Sampsons
      Notre DameLes Varendes
      St MartinsLes Beaucamps
      St Mary and St MichaelLes Varendes
      ValeSt Sampsons
      VauvertLes Varendes
  • Can I make a request for my child to attend a different secondary school site?

    • Parents and carers are able to apply for their child to attend a different secondary school site from the one that is partnered with their primary school, if they can demonstrate that it would be unreasonably detrimental to their child's education to attend the identified site. These are referred to as 'Parent/Carer Request for an Out of Catchment Area/Partner Site' (PC-OCAPS).
    • Circumstances in which it might be appropriate to make such requests include: 
      • Where a child has medical, psychological or specific social needs;
      • Where an elder brother or sister attends, and will continue to attend, the requested school during the next school year;
      • Where a school-based employee feels it would be unsuitable for their child to attend the school in which they work.
      • To avoid unreasonable transport arrangements.
    • Please bear in mind that capacity is limited at all secondary schools and therefore it may not be possible for such requests to be approved.
    • For further information, please see the Secondary Admissions Policy and the PC-OCAPS Policy Directive, which are both available from the downloads section of this page.

Parents and children will have the opportunity to visit their secondary school during Year 6.

Further information regarding the transformation of secondary education is available at



Secondary School Admissions Policy Policy: PC-OCAPS Placement Criteria Out of Catchment Area/Partner Site (PC-OCAPS) Request Form Out of Catchment Area/Partner Site (OCAPS) - Appeal Form School Admission Appeals - Guide For Parents/Carers

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