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Paying for household waste services

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A new system of waste charges was introduced in 2019. It includes a new "Pay As You Throw" charge, to provide a link between the amount of waste a household produces, and how much they pay.

We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions below, however if you do have any further questions please contact us at or call us on 01481 231234.

More information about collections, and what materials to put out when, can be found here.

  • I have received a bill - what is it for and how do I pay it?

    • A new system of household waste charges was introduced in 2019. This includes a fixed charge per household - to pay for some of the services and facilities provided by the States to manage the waste and recycling we all produce. Bills for this fixed charge are sent to all property owners at the start of each year.
    • You can pay the invoice online here or elect to pay by direct debit.
  • I have received an invoice and am not sure the amount is correct - how do I check?

    • The bills sent to property owners are for each "domestic property unit" that they own. A single property split into four flats, for instance, is classed as four units. 
    • For more information on the definition of a "domestic property unit", and to query a bill that you think is incorrect, please visit contact us.
  • When do I have to put a sticker on my rubbish bags?

    • Any general rubbish that you put out for collection now must have an appropriate payment sticker.
  • Where can I buy the stickers from?

    • Lots of local retailers are selling the stickers, including Aladdin's Cave, Alliance, Bougourd & Harry, Candie Cache, Contree Mansell Stores, Channel Islands Co-op, Doyle Motors, Forest Road Garage, Forest Stores, Guernsey Post branches at Envoy House and Smith Street, Iceland, Keyprice, La Villette Garage, M&S Food Halls, Morrisons, Stan Brouard, Trinity Plaice, Tozer's, Valpy's, Waitrose and Whiteway Motors.
    • The stickers are also available to order online in packs of four through Guernsey Post and Manor Farm Foods- follow the links for more information.
  • What happens if someone doesn't put a sticker on their bag?

    • The collection contractors will not collect bags that do not have the appropriate payment sticker. They will record any they leave behind so that these reports can then be followed up and the appropriate action taken.
  • Is there a limit on how many bags of rubbish I can put out?

    • No. You can put out as many as you wish, provided each one has the appropriate payment sticker and it is the correct night for your collection.
  • Does it matter what colour my bin bag is?

    • No. You can use any colour bag, provided it is a proper, suitable waste bag. 
    • However, black bags tend to be 90 litres in size, so if you use a 50 litre black sack it may be more difficult for the bin man to identify that it has the correct sticker on - and therefore some scope for missed collections. We'd therefore recommend using black bags for 90 litre containers and white for other sizes - but other colours are acceptable. 
  • Can I still use my wheelie bin?

    • Yes, wheelie bins are fine.  Any bags that you put in the bin will need to have the appropriate payment sticker, and cannot be larger than the 90 litre limit (designed to fit a dustbin). 
    • Please do not use the very large liners that are designed for wheelie bins as those are above the permitted capacity and will not be collected. 
  • Will this lead to bags left everywhere?

    • No. Bags that are not collected by the bin men will be followed up and the appropriate action taken. 
    • The first action is the bin men will apply a sticker to the bag, explaining why they have left it behind and what action the householder should take. That includes a contact number for further advice.
    • If it is unclear which household a bag has come from, it will be removed fairly soon after it is reported by the bin men. We will then look to identify whose waste it is.
  • What if someone dumps their rubbish on my property?

    • If a bag has been left on your property without the appropriate payment sticker, please report this by calling 01481 231234.
  • What about communal collection points?

    • Communal arrangements exist in some places either for the convenience of residents or because of difficulty with normal kerbside collection. There is therefore an incentive for residents (and/or their management agents) to ensure these operate smoothly - and a disincentive for those who benefit from the arrangements to abuse it.
    • If any bags are left in a communal area without the appropriate payment, the process for reporting and subsequent follow-up will be largely the same as anywhere else. Clearly however, residents and management agents will also have a role to play in tackling any repeat issues.
  • What if my waste is not taken away?

    • The bin men will put a red sticker on any general waste bags that are left behind. This sticker will say what you should do next, and where to go for more advice. If you do have any queries please contact Guernsey Waste on 01481 231234.
    • If your general waste bag has not been collected but does not have a sticker, it may have been missed, in these cases and for any other missed collections, please contact your Parish Constables, for their contact details please go to 
  • I don't have space for lots of bins, so how can I recycle?

    • Kerbside collections make recycling easy and convenient, but we appreciate it is more difficult for some islanders. If you can't do everything, just recycling some items can help to make a difference. For advice on how to start, check out our general information here.
  • Will you fine people who make a genuine mistake?

    • No.
    • We expect most islanders will get used to the Pay As You Throw system very quickly, as we found with kerbside recycling and the recent changes to household collections. However we also appreciate the system is completely new for everyone. 
    • If anyone does leave a bag out without the appropriate payment, advice will be provided before any further action is taken. Any further instances could lead to a warning, followed potentially by a fixed penalty. 
    • These powers are not intended to penalise anyone who makes a genuine mistake, but will be used if someone repeatedly seeks to avoid the appropriate payment for the waste they produce.
  • What is the penalty for putting waste out without a sticker?

    • First, there's the hassle of not having your rubbish picked up and being left to deal with it yourself! Hopefully that is the best deterrent.
    • If anyone does continually abuse the system, by trying to avoid paying for their waste to be dealt with, then they can receive a fixed penalty of £40 per bag - rising to £60 if not paid within 14 days. 
    • An official warning will be issued before any fixed penalty, so that really is a last resort.

We value feedback from our customers and are keen to know how we can improve our services.  If you would like to provide feedback to us, both positive and constructive, then please contact us via the details provided here.  We also conduct surveys throughout the year at key Island events and at our waste and recycling sites, offering the facility to complete these surveys online or in paper form.



Guide to Household Recycling and Bin Collections

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