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Common Garden Problems

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Pests and diseases can often be a problem in the garden. Please see the downloadable leaflet for an in depth look at most common types found in Guernsey and how best to control them. The documents also cover which pesticides are available for garden use as well as ideas on alternative options.

Please remember, if using pesticides ALWAYS READ THE LABEL: USE PESTICIDES SAFELY.

Two of the most problematic garden issues in Guernsey are:

  • Honey Fungus

    • Honey Fungus or Armillaria is a common killer of woody plants on the island and is difficult to control. 
    • For more information download the pdf icon Honey Fungus Leaflet 2023 [444kb], which is a guide to the identification and control methods. You will also find information on the plant species that are most tolerant of the fungus.
  • Japanese Knotweed

    • Japanese Knotweed is one of the most invasive plant in Guernsey. It spreads rapidly, especially next to streams. It can out-compete and destroy native plants, flowers and habitats and is difficult to control.
    • It can re-grow from tiny cut fragments of the plant and  mowing, strimming or flailing often cause it to spread further.
    • Advice on how to control Japanese Knotweed in the garden or using professional herbicides is available in the pdf icon Chemical Control of Japanese Knotweed 2023 [239kb] pdf icon Control of Japanese Knotweed in the Garden 2023 [163kb] leaflets. Further information is available under the downloads section.


The States Analytical Laboratory provides a range of services to accurately identify and advise on pests, diseases and disorders of horticultural and agricultural crops, as well as garden and native plants.

Please contact us if you require further information.


Honey Fungus 2023 Common Garden Pests & Diseases 2023 Control of Japanese Knotweed (Home & Garden Situation) 2023 Chemical Control of Japanese Knotweed 2023

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