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Changes in Circumstances

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There are times when a person's circumstances change unexpectedly, and their Permit might become invalid because of the change.

The Administrator of Population Management has policies about whether a person can generally expect to be allowed to live in Local Market housing in the longer term following a change in circumstances.

The Administrator of Population Management also has policies about when a person can generally expect to be granted a temporary Permit.

Policies are not set out in the Population Management Law.  A person can usually expect that policy will be applied to them if their situation exactly fits the description in the policy - but the Administrator can always choose not to apply a policy.  If this happens, the Administrator will explain why the policy hasn't been applied.  It is best for a person to make an application for a Permit under these policies and not to rely on the fact that their situation seems to fit a policy.

Changes in circumstances for:

Employment Permit Holders

Family members of a Permit holder

Open Market Residents

Other changes to consider:

Change of Address

My current document will expire soon

Agreed Absence Policy

Criminal Conviction & Public Interest Policy

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