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Population Employment Advisory Panel

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  • What is the Panel's role?

    • The Population Employment Advisory Panel PEAP provides up to date information to the Committee for Home Affairs about the Island's dynamic employment market, and the current and future needs of the Island's employers.
    • There are six PEAP members, and an independent Chairperson.  Between them, the six members represent the interests of all sectors of employment in Guernsey.  The PEAP is a channel for information to flow from the Island's business sectors to the Committee for Home Affairs about the different levels of skills and manpower shortages in Guernsey and Employment Permit policies.  In this way, Guernsey businesses have direct input into policy development.
    • The PEAP also reports to the Committee for Home Affairs about the effectiveness of current Employment Permit policies.
  • Mandate

    • To provide the Committee for Home Affairs with regular information on those sectors of the economy in which:
      • a)  there are persistent shortages of labour with skills required by the relevant sectors,
      • b)  some labour with appropriate skills exist, but not in sufficient numbers to meet the demand for such high level  skills in the relevant sectors, and
      • c)  there are shortages of labour that do not require particular skills.
    • To provide independent advice and evidence-based recommendations to the Committee for Home Affairs on matters that are relevant to employment-related population management policies.
    • To provide a monitoring report to the Committee for Home Affairs every six months.
    • At the request of the Committee for Home Affairs, to review and comment on any existing employment-related population management policies or any such policies that are under development.
  • Who are we?

    • The PEAP comprises a Chairman and six ordinary members, none of whom are sitting States Members, elected by the States on the recommendation of the Committee for Home Affairs.  It has the power to elect a vice-Chairman from its membership and to co-opt other members on a non-voting, short-term basis.
    • The Chairman and members serve a four-year term of office, but this is staggered so that three are replaced every two years.
    • A Panel member's role is to act as a spokesperson for their sector and to be the point of contact for the passage of information from/to that sector to/from the Panel as a whole. 
    • The members of the Population Employment Advisory Panel are drawn from six broad employment sectors:
    • SectorMemberEmail
      Finance & Professional ServicesElaine
      Tourism & HospitalityKenrick Brookstourism&
      Public Sector (also representing health/education in the private sector and the 3rd Sector)Tim Langloishealth&
      Service Industries and RetailMark Edgarserviceindustry&
      E-industry and new/potential sectorsTony


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