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Prison and Off Island Complex Needs Healthcare

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The Adult Mental Health Service is led by a Service Manager and a Lead Consultant Psychiatrist.

Referrals to the Adult Mental Health service can be initiated through ED, GP Drs at the PEH and Prison healthcare. Referrals will be accepted based on the stated clinical need and the access criteria for secondary care mental health services.

  • Prison Healthcare

    • The States of Guernsey operates a prison with capacity for 120 prisoners. The PEH manages the healthcare provision providing general healthcare, including GP, dental, physiotherapy and nurse led clinics.
    • Access to services is primarily at the request of the prison GP. Mental Health Services are provided on an in-reach basis with practitioners attending to provide:
      • Psychiatric outpatient clinics
      • CPN/ASW visits
      • Psychology appointments
    • Regular consultations are provided by a dedicated HSC Consultant Psychiatrist and in-reach services are provided by HSC Community Mental Health Nurses, Approved Social Workers and Psychologists as required.
  • Off Island Complex Needs

    • This service provides, care and treatments for individuals with complex conditions/needs which cannot be provided for on island. There are no age restrictions for this service.
    • Referral Process
    • Referrals are made by a health and social care professional and individual cases are considered by the Specialist Placement and Provision (SPP) Panel. The panel consists of the appropriate mix of professionals and is chaired by the manager of off island placements. Recommendation for off island placement would usually be based on the complexity of the case, the appropriateness of treatment settings on and off island and the level of benefit gained by the individual from such a placement.
    • For adult clients, 2 ASWs who reside in the UK are employed by HSC to undertake regular visits (at least every 6 months) to Guernsey residents in off island placements to ensure that the placement is providing what is expected and continues to meet the needs of the individual.
    • Other routes
    • Where cases for off island placements are not approved other routes for meeting the needs of the individual on island are suggested by the panel for exploration.

For further information you can contact The Oberlands Centre on 01481 725241 ext. 3561.

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