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The services provided by Guernsey Prison's Healthcare Department are through Health and Social Care.

The Prison provides primary care services for prisoners, which includes initial health screens and assessments on arrival at the Prison, which are undertaken by a Registered Nurse. Other services provided include sexual health services, vaccination and immunisation, health promotion and preventative practices such as stop smoking clinics, and chronic condition management.

In addition, the Department provides services in conjunction with external agencies such as the provision of a GP twice a week, mental health services, substance misuse services, and visiting clinicians such as an optician, physiotherapist and dentist.

  • Vaccinations and Immunisations

    • All prisoners are offered the following appropriate vaccinations identified on their secondary health assessment soon after reception into prison:
      • COVID
      • Hepatitis B - on an 'opt out of' basis
      • Hepatitis A - as necessary
      • Influenza - seasonal
      • Shingles - over 65yrs of age
  • Chronic Disease Management

    • Prisoners have the opportunity to attend regular Nurse clinics when suffering from chronic illnesses and conditions such as Asthma, high blood pressure, Diabetes, Epilepsy and Arthritis. Information on these illnesses can be requested from our healthcare department, where we hold reading material and leaflets on a large number of conditions, diseases and other medical complaints.
    • Full support is given to all our prisoners and our nursing team are happy to answer any questions or concerns they may have at any point.

Healthy living

  • Nutrition

    • The Healthcare Department is able to provide nutritional advice and support to those prisoners who request or need assistance. They work in conjunction with the Prison kitchen to provide this care. The Prison Kitchen is able to cater to prisoners special dietary requirements, whether they be for medical or religious reasons.
  • Fitness

    • The Healthcare Department works with the gym instructors to provide prisoners with a fitness plan if they require it for medical reasons. Otherwise, all prisoners receive a gym induction soon after they arrive in Prison, and are entitled to exercise and gym sessions each week, and may seek fitness advice from the gym instructors at these sessions.
  • Sexual Health Matters

    • The prison nursing team are always available to assist with any concerns prisoners may have with regards to sexual health. The Prison currently work along side the Orchard Clinic and will continue to support any prisoners who are attending the clinic.
  • Mental Health Awareness

    • A specialist in-reach mental health team is available to assist with on-going care if a prisoner is already receiving support with mental health issues. The team will also see new patients after an initial assessment and will offer support around health needs such as anxiety and depression in partnership with the Prison. If required, there is access to a visiting Psychiatrist and Psychologist.
    • Prisoners are welcome to discuss their mental health concerns with the Prison Doctor and/or nursing team at any point. 

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