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Probation Service

Contact Us - Guernsey Probation Service

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The Guernsey Probation Service works to manage offenders, both within the community and Guernsey Prison. This is achieved by providing the Courts and Parole Review Committee with reports and detailed assessments, facilitating supervision and treatment of offenders, supporting the Criminal Justice Substance Service, and by working with other agencies to engage in Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements.

Guernsey Probation Service Vision

"To contribute to making the Bailiwick of Guernsey a safe and secure place to live by conducting dynamic risk assessments and empowering individuals to reduce their likelihood of re-offending, collaborating with our partner agencies to protect the public from harm"

The priorities of the Probation Service are:


  • Offender Work and Supervision Orders

    • The role of the Probation Officer is to work with the offender in order to reduce re offending. Often, the Probation Service will be working with an offender who is engaging with the service as a result of a court order. 
    • Evidence indicates that the relationship between an offender and their Probation Officer is an important factor in successful rehabilitation. The Probation Officer will assess the offender and oversee a plan to make sure they receive the interventions that will have the greatest impact on changing their behaviour. All the programmes we use are designed to help offenders learn how to change their patterns of behaviour, which have often grown over many years to become problematic.
    • In some instances, it may be necessary for offenders to engage with substance treatment. We work in partnership with Drug Concern who provide a Criminal Justice Substance misuse worker to work alongside the supervising Probation Officers on tackling substance misuse issues.
  • Community Service

  • Criminal Justice Substance Service (CJSS)

    • The Criminal Justice Substance Service (CJSS) is a partnership between the Probation Service and In-Dependence.
    • CJSS is targeted at those within the criminal justice system, who would be considered to benefit from addressing substance misuse issues.
    • An offender may engage in work with CJSS as part of any of the following:
      • A Probation Order;
      • A Youth Detention Supervision Order;
      • An Adult Custody Supervision Order;
      • Parole;
      • Extended licence;
      • Suspended Sentence Supervision Order.
      • Through voluntary contact
  • Sarnia Programme

    • Sarnia Programme is designed to work with those who have behaved abusively toward a current or ex partner. The programme looks to support individuals to address and change their behaviour by focusing on their strengths, buildings on their skills, and providing tools to use so that they are better placed to make positive choices.
    • The modules of the Sarnia Programme are delivered by qualified Probation Officers, however the Programme is not solely part of The Probation Service, and clients do not have to be subject to criminal proceedings or Probation Supervision in order to take part.
    • For more information, please see The Sarnia Programme page here.
  • Sex Offender Treatment Programme (SOTP)

    • The programme has been developed by Forensic Psychologist Dr David Briggs who acts as consultant to Probation Officers delivering the programme.
    • The programme is:
      • Designed for use with offenders aged 18 or over
      • Designed for use with men who have been convicted of a sexual offence or where sexually motivated behaviour underpins criminal activity
      • Designed for use either within Prison, or a community setting
      • Based on current research into the most effective treatment and management of sexual offenders.
    • The overall aim of the SOTP is risk management, which is completed through a combination of individualised treatment and monitoring plans. 
  • Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

    • MAPPA forms the basis of public protection, through multi-agency partnership, to manage the risk of sexual harm, and/or serious violence, presented by certain individuals
    • MAPPA is co-ordinated by the MAPP Unit, which consists of officers from the Probation Service and the Police. The Unit shared between the Probation Service and Police Station.
    • There is legal responsibility placed on the Probation Service, Law Enforcement (Police and Border Agency), and Prison Service to co-ordinate these arrangements. All States department have a legal duty to co-operate with MAPPA. The law also allows for the sharing of information with non-States departments for the purposes of managing those presenting a serious risk of harm to others.
    • Who is subject to MAPPA?
    • There are three ways someone can become subject to MAPPA:
      • Persons subject to Notification Requirements (Sex Offender Registration)
      • Persons sentenced to imprisonment / youth detention for any sexual offence, or a violent offence for which the sentence exceeded 12 months
      • Other persons who are considered to pose an ongoing serious risk of harm to the public (i.e. there are serious concerns about someone's behaviour that indicate that they pose a significant threat to an individual, group of individuals or the public generally).
    • A person will be deregistered from MAPPA when it is no longer considered that the risks presented by that person need managing through Multi Agency Planning.
  • Transfers to Guernsey of people on Probation in England and Wales

    • If you are seeking information regarding a potential transfer to Guernsey Probation Service from England and Wales please note that legislation only allows for the transfer of prisoners or those subject to post-custodial supervision.  Please refer to Travel and transfer on licence and PSS outside of England and Wales Policy Framework - GOV.UK (   Section 6. regarding process and considerations in the first instance.
    • There is no statutory instrument to enable transfer of Community Orders.  Voluntary arrangements can sometimes be facilitated in specific circumstances.
    • Please also note that when an individual intends to live and work in Guernsey there are legal regulations regarding permissions to do so, and we would direct you to the Population Management section of this website.
    • In all circumstances it is vital that contact is made with Guernsey Probation Service in advance of an individual on probation moving to the island or being given permission to move to the island by their local probation team.

*The above information can be made available in larger font on request*




Guernsey Probation Service Annual Report 2022 Probation SER leaflet Probation VCS leaflet MAPPA General Info Leaflet Fair Processing Notice - Probation

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