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Radiology FAQ's

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Below are several commonly asked questions, click on them to see the answer. Your appointment letter will give you information specific to your examination(s). However, if you want more information please call the department.

  • How do I contact the department if I have a question or need to reschedule?

    • The department can be contacted by telephone on 01481 222015
  • How long will the examination take?

    • All examinations take a different amount of time, from 10 minutes to over 4 hours for some of the more complex procedures. Your letter may give some indication of how long you will be with us for. If you wish to know how long your examination is likely to take, please call us on 01481 222015.
  • How do I get my results?

    • The results are usually sent to the doctor who referred you for the exam, so you may need to make a follow up appointment. If you have been sent from a clinic, your consultant will discuss the findings with you directly.
  • Where do I go for an examination?

    • The Radiology and Emergency Department share a reception desk on level 1 of the Hospital. This can be accessed through the Emergency Department entrance. From there, you will be shown where to go once you have signed in.
  • Is there any preparation for the examination?

    • Some examinations have specific dietary advice to follow and some might require the removal of certain items of jewellery. Any preparation for your examination will be in your appointment letter.
  • I have allergies, will that affect the examination?

    • In most cases it won't, allergies are only considered if the examination requires an injection. You will be advised about this in your appointment letter and any specific concerns will be addressed there. At the time of procedure, you will be asked about allergies if relevant, but you are free to mention any worries you may have.
  • I am taking medication; will that affect the examination?

    • Some examinations require certain medication to be stopped for a period before or after the day of the scan. These are usually examinations that need an injection. This information will be in your appointment letter.
  • Can I bring someone with me?

    • Yes, but for safety reasons they may not be able to accompany you into the examination room, except in special circumstances of in the case of young children.

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