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Real Nappies

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The States of Guernsey offers a £35 cashback per child towards the cost of real nappies - new or secondhand.

  • Why use real nappies?

    • Kind to babies
    • Real nappies have come a long way since the days of terry squares. Modern real nappies come in many shapes and styles that are comfortable, secure and chemical free.
    • Kind to pockets
    • Using real nappies in Guernsey saves you £500 or more for your first child, and even more after that!
    • Kind to parents
    • These days, real nappies are super easy to use; most have either poppers, velcro fastenings or Nappy Nippas (nappy pins are long gone!) and all are simple to wash and dry.
    • Kind to the environment
    • Every time you use a real nappy you're helping to reduce Guernsey's waste. As an island we throw away around 9,000 disposable nappies every single day, so using real nappies makes a real difference! You'll reduce your household rubbish and your environmental impact, so you're doing the island and planet a favour.
  • Guernsey Real Nappy Network

    • About  the Guernsey Real Nappy Network
    • The Guernsey Real Nappy Network is a community group offering independent advice and practical support to any parents or carers using real nappies in the Bailiwick. They offer free demos, trial kits, home visits, and ongoing support, as well as drop-in clinics, nappuccinos and a Facebook page (
    • Trial Kits
    • The Guernsey Real Nappy Network lends out free trial kits so you can try a wide range of real nappies at home for two weeks to help you decide what's right for you and your baby.
  • Real Nappy Subsidy

    • The States of Guernsey is pleased to offer a £35 subsidy per child towards the purchase of real nappies, which can be redeemed by completing the pdf icon application form [167kb] which can be found in the downloads section of this page. Once completed, please return the form to Guernsey Waste, together with your receipt(s) for the purchase of real nappies. You can do this by emailing or by posting to Guernsey Waste, La Hure Mare, Vale, GY3 5UD.
  • Terms and Conditions

    • 1. The 'Real Nappy' refers to cloth re-usable nappies.
    • 2. The subsidy can be redeemed against new or second-hand nappies as well as real nappy accessories bought in conjunction with real nappies.
    • 3. It is not valid against the purchase of accessories only or postage and packing fees for products purchased on the internet.
    • 4. It cannot be redeemed against any type of disposable nappy.
    • 5. It can only be redeemed against purchases above the value of £35.
  • Contact Us

    • If you have any further queries about the real nappy subsidy, please do not hesitate to contact Guernsey Waste on 221234 or email
    • For more information about real nappies you can contact the Real Nappy Network by emailing or via their Facebook page Guernsey Nappy Chat, which is regularly updated with information and provides opportunity to get advice from real nappy users.
    • Go Real is a real nappy information organisation and their website - would be a great place to look for ideas about the different types of real nappy available these days.
    • Further information can be found in our 'Guide to Real Nappies' which can be found in the downloads section of this page.



Real Nappy Subsidy Application Form Guide to Real Nappies

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