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The Recovery & Wellbeing Service

Comments, Compliments and Complaints - Health and Social Care

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The Recovery and Wellbeing Service Team are fully committed to the belief that people who experience mental health problems can build a rewarding life, regardless of whether all symptoms or problems can be eliminated.

We understand that people need a safe and secure base in which they can begin to heal and grow. We strive to provide such a base within Hospital and Community venues.

All Recovery & Wellbeing services are requested by a GP referral and acceptance into secondary mental health services.

  • The Team

    • At The Oberlands Centre our team consist of the following,
      • Occupational Therapists
      • Mental Health Nurses
      • Occupational Therapy Assistants
      • STaR (Support Time & Recovery) workers
      • Health Trainers
      • Artists
    • The team recognises the variety of ways in which people live their lives and respects healthy choices people make and beliefs they hold. The service believes in the benefit of working collaboratively with people to encompass a holistic approach to wellbeing.
    • Working together to support service users we are a team that offers a mix of different knowledge, skills and experience. Below we have listed the various tools that we use in helping each person identify and realise their potential.

Below you will find a number of tools which we use, please click on the drop downs to see the information.

  • The Recovery Star

    • The Recovery Star helps people identify where they are on the journey of change and to make positive steps in their lives to take them onwards and upwards.
    • It is understood that change happens for different people at different times. There may be occasions when they slip back, but they will know which steps to take to get themselves into a better position.
  • The Decider Life Skills

    • The Decider Life Skills are an evidence-based set of 12 skills designed to help: increase confidence, build resilience, tolerate distress, manage difficult emotions and improve communication.
    • Most of the staff working in mental health services have been trained in The Decider Skills. They incorporate the skills into their work with people to underpin and enhance individual and group work. The skills provide a shared language in services, increasing understanding and communication.
    • The Decider Skills were developed in Guernsey by two cognitive behavioural psychotherapists and are used by: adults, children and young people in health, education, social, business, charity and voluntary settings. For more information about The Decider
  • The WRAP (Wellbeing & Recovery Action Plan)

    • The WRAP is a framework with which people can develop an effective approach to manage distressing symptoms and gain insight into patterns of behaviour. It is a tool to help people gain more control over mental health conditions and your wellness.
    • The following areas are covered in the WRAP:
      • Wellness
      • Wellness toolbox
      • Triggers & action plans
      • Early warning signs & action plans
      • Signs that things are breaking down or getting worse & action plans
      • Crisis plan
      • Post crisis plan
  • Mindfulness and Move

    • Mindfulness is about learning to be in the moment, and to be more aware of your experiences as they are happening. Mindfulness teaches us the skills to be with our thoughts and feelings without being overwhelmed by them.
    • Move is a gentle exercise group, with movements adapted from Tai Chi and Yoga. The main focus is on stretching, breathing and the cultivation of a calm, meditative state of mind through meditation and gentle exercises.
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing

    • The 5 Ways to Wellbeing are the mental health equivalent of the '5 a day' advice about fruit and vegetables and are to:
      • Connect - with the people around you.
      • Be Active - exercise your body and mind.
      • Take Notice - catch sight of the beautiful. Enjoy the moment.
      • Keep Learning - develop new skills.
      • Give - do something nice for a friend or a stranger.
  • Quitline

    • Quitline is the free Guernsey Stop Smoking Service which offers assistance to smokers interested in changing their smoking behaviour. Quitline Specialists can assess a smokers' level of nicotine dependence, provide strategies on preparing to quit, prevention of relapse and staying a non-smoker, and provides information on products and services to assist on quitting.
    • Quitline Service is not only open to clients within the mental health services but also the general public. It operates a drop in / appointment service between 15.00- 18.00 on Wednesdays. Alternative appointments can be arranged if required.
  • What we offer

    • Group Opportunities
    • Groups can be a useful way to learn from others about what helps. Through being with people we can learn about ourselves, develop greater wellbeing and continue the journey of Recovery. The Recovery & Wellbeing service offers a variety of groups, both 'doing groups' and 'talking groups'. Service users are encouraged to talk to us about what they want to be able to do and we will try and match that with a group to help.
    • Drop-in Support
    • Horizons and L'Vair drop-ins at the Guernsey Mind Centre are somewhere you can mix with others who understand mental health difficulties and enjoy leisure pursuits such as playing pool, board games and reading newspapers and magazines, with snacks and tea/coffee provided.
    • Care-Coordinating
    • The Care Coordinator meets with service users regularly and agrees person centred care, evaluates treatment and helps plan what the service user wants to do. During this face-to-face meeting we will discuss individual care and help you work with the Recovery Star and WRAP tools, with a view to self-reliance and independence.
    • STaR Work
    • Referrals for Support Time and Recovery Workers will require the Care Coordinator to remain involved and review their service user on a regular basis. STaR workers provide support for specific tasks related to a care plans. These might be things like; getting familiar/ comfortable with using public transport, visiting Social Security, housing agencies, helping sort out finances or undertaking leisure activities.
    • Health Promotion
    • A Health Trainer will support and guide service users to make healthy changes to lifestyle, including eating healthily, becoming more active, drinking sensibly and smoking cessation. The Health Trainer can work alongside a STaR worker to engage in physical fitness.
  • Group workshops and lessons

    • The Recovery & Wellbeing Service offers a range of groups and individual sessions. These give people the opportunity to make the changes they want or need to make to improve their life. Below is a list of services that The Recovery & Wellbeing Service can also offer:
      • Art Group
      • Badminton
      • Beacons Café
      • Community Gardening
      • Decider Skills Group
      • I.T. sessions
      • Mindfulness Group
      • Move Group
      • Quitline Drop in
      • Recovery Group
      • Wicker weaving
      • Wood Workshop
      • WRAP Group
  • Beacons Cafe

    • Beacons Café in the Oberlands is part of the Recovery & Wellbeing Service and provides an opportunity for people to gain work experience in a supportive environment. The volunteers who staff Beacons are helped to manage the day-to-day running of the café. This may include: serving customers, ordering stock, health and safety duties and taking care of banking duties. The aim is to build confidence and offer person-centred training. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain a food hygiene certificate during their time at Beacons.
    • People have successfully volunteered at Beacons Cafe and gone on to paid employment.

For further information please see our booklet in the downloads section which is located on the right hand side of the page.

To contact The Recovery and Wellbeing Service please call 01481 707727. Please note that our opening times are Monday to Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm, (except Bank Holidays).

The Horizons and L'vair Drop-ins are open from 10am - 12pm, tel: 01481 722959.


The Recovery and Wellbeing Service Leaflet

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