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Referendum on Guernsey's Electoral System

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The referendum on the method of electing People's Deputies to the States of Deliberation was held on Wednesday 10th October, 2018.  

  • The Results of the Referendum

    • The referendum on how Deputies should be elected to the States of Deliberation was held on Wednesday 10th October, 2018. Option A secured the greatest number of votes in the final round of counting, having received 6,017 votes (52.48%) ahead of Option C which received 5,448 votes (47.52%).
    • This will mean Deputies will be elected in a single Island-wide District. At each election, all voters will have 38 votes and will be able to choose from the full list of candidates. Deputies will be elected on the same day to serve for a term of 4 years. Further information on how this voting system will be implemented will be provided in due course.
    • The Chief Counting Officer has produced the formal declaration of the result which can be accessed in the downloads section at the top right of this page. The breakdown of the voting on a district basis has also been published and is available in the downloads section.   
  • The 'Hustings' on Wednesday 3rd October, 2018: watch and listen again

    • A hustings meeting was held on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 at Beau Sejour Theatre.
    • The meeting was chaired by Jurat Stephen Jones who was joined by representatives from each of the 3 campaign groups and volunteers to speak about the two options for which no campaign group was appointed.
    • The evening started with 5 minute presentations on each of the 5 options followed by a Q&A session and a summing up at the end.
    • The hustings was broadcast by BBC Guernsey and is available to listen again by clicking on the following link:
    • The event is also available view online on the States of Guernsey Facebook page via this link
  • Polling Stations in each District

  • Referendum Leaflet: PDF and audio versions

    • Every household has received a leaflet providing information on the referendum: pdf icon Referendum Leaflet - PDF version [162kb]  
    • The leaflet provides all the information voters need to know to take part in the referendum including information about:
      • the five options in the referendum; and
      • signing up to vote if you are not already on the Electoral Roll, or if you have changed address or name since the 2016 election; and
      • how and where people can vote.
    • An audio version of the leaflet has also been produced and can be accessed by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page entitled 'Referendum Leaflet - Audio Version' and clicking the '>' play icon when the pop-up box appears.
  • 'How to vote' video

    • In advance of the referendum on Guernsey's voting system on Wednesday 10th October, 2018, the States' Assembly & Constitution Committee has released a video explaining how to vote in the referendum.
    • The video explains how to vote using the example of a class of schoolchildren deciding what colour to paint their classroom door. The children have five colours to choose from: grey, green, red, blue and yellow. The children then rank the colour they want their door painted in order of their favourite colours. The video also provides a brief overview of how the votes will be counted and some 'top tips' for the viewer on voting in the referendum.
  • Registering (and updating details) on the Electoral Roll online - NOW CLOSED

    • Applications from people not already on the electoral roll wishing to vote in the referendum on Wednesday 10th October 2018 have now closed.
    • Anyone who is currently enrolled (and whose name or address has not changed since enrolment) is eligible to vote in the referendum.
    • If you have moved address or changed your name since April 2016, you may still vote but you must vote in the district in which you previously lived; you will also need to give your old address at the polling station and, in the case of a name change, your former name.
    • Further information regarding elections and voting can be found on
  • Registering for a postal vote online - NOW CLOSED

    • Applications for postal votes in the referendum on Wednesday 10th October 2018 have now closed.
  • Public events on the referendum: dates for the diary

    • Staff supporting the referendum will be attending a number of meetings to promote participation with the referendum. They will be attending the following meetings/venues:
    • SeptemberTimeEvent
      Monday 17th12:30 to 14:00Drop-in at Hayward Room, Guille Allès Library
      Tuesday 18th     14:00 to 15:00Age Concern meeting at Vale Douzaine Room
      Thursday 20th14:00 to 15:00Age Concern meeting at St Stephen's Community Centre
      Friday 21st12:00 to 14:00Fresh Food Fridays at Market Square
      Saturday 22nd10:00 to 11:00Deputies Surgery, Castel Douzaine Hall
      Tuesday 25th10:30 to 11:30Drop-in at Ron Short Centre
      Wednesday 26th19:00 to 21:00Guernsey Disability Alliance Meeting at Les Cotils
      Friday 28th12:00 to 14:00Fresh Food Fridays at Market Square
      Friday 28th 12:30 to 14:00Drop-in at Hayward Room, Guille Allès Library
      Friday 28th 15:00 to 16:00Age Concern meeting at St Martin's Parish Hall
      Saturday 29th09:30 to 12:00Drop-in at Hayward Room, Guille Allès Library
      Wednesday 3rd19:00 - 21:30'Hustings' at the Beau Sejour Leisure Centre
  • Campaign groups

    • The States' Assembly & Constitution Committee has appointed three campaign groups:
    • OptionNominated Official 1 Nominated Official 2
      Option ADeputy Carl MeerveldDeputy Peter Ferbrache
      Option BMr Fergus DunlopMrs Caroline McManus
      Option CDeputy John GollopMr Rhoderick Matthew
  • The Electoral System Referendum (Guernsey) Law, 2018

    • The Electoral System Referendum (Guernsey) Law, 2018 and the Electoral System Referendum (Referendum Period) Regulations, 2018 came into force on Monday 11th June 2018. The legislation can be found on the Guernsey Legal Resources website -
    • This means that the referendum period has officially commenced and so the general restriction on referendum expenses set out in section 17 of the Law come into effect. Therefore, no individual or body, other than the Campaign Groups which may be appointed by the States Assembly & Constitution Committee under section 10 of the Law, may incur any expense in relation to the referendum in excess of £100.
  • Propositions, policy letters and legislation to date


10th October, 2018


Result of the Referendum on the Electoral System: Declaration from the Chief Counting Officer Referendum: breakdown of the voting on a district basis Impartial Guidance for Referendum on Guernsey's Voting System General guidance for Campaign Groups (June 2018) Referendum expenses - Guidance Note for Campaign Groups Data protection guidance for Campaign Groups (June 2018)

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