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Our policies and procedures

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Comments, compliments or complaints

In line with the States of Guernsey Customer Charter we aim to provide a service that is:

As such we provide an opportunity for our customers to give feedback in the form of comments, compliments or complaints via the States of Guernsey Customer Feedback Form. Before completing this form we ask our customers to familiarise themselves with the Providing Feedback - Guidance for Customers document.

Complaints about the time taken to receive an assessment

It's well known that the Revenue Service has a considerable backlog of work and our priority is to clear this backlog in systematic order. We know some customers have been justifiably frustrated with the delays waiting for assessments. To make sure that we are fair to all our customers and deliver an efficient service, we are working through this backlog in date order starting with 2019 and 2020 returns. As our teams deal with a number of different types of return which are processed at different rates, some returns are more complex and take longer than others. Where applicable, online returns are prioritised over paper ones.

When customers request a status update for their assessment it requires staff to move their focus away from this priority work, and unfairly delays those customers whose assessments are waiting in that work queue. To make sure we use our resources efficiently and in line with the Customer Charter, any enquiry about the status of a 2021 or 2022 return receive a standard reply stating that we are unable to check assessment status queries at this time. Similarly, a complaint concerning the time taken to process 2021 or 2022 returns will recive a response but will not result in those returns being fast tracked or 'queue jumping'.

Fair Processing Notices

pdf icon Fair Processing Notice - Revenue Service [213kb]

pdf icon Fair Processing Notice - Income Tax [240kb]

pdf icon Fair Processing Notice - Contributions [782kb]

Documentation and Records Keeping

pdf icon Document retention, destruction and archive Policy [202kb]

pdf icon Keeping, maintaining and retaining records for Income Tax purposes [295kb]

Information Powers

pdf icon Information Powers [777kb]

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