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Road Works

Contact Us - Traffic and Highway Services

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This page includes information on current and future road closures, applying to undertake works/hold events on the public highway and how these works are coordinated.

Current and upcoming road closure projects can be viewed at:

Road works are an inevitable consequence of the need to improve roads or to maintain the services that are needed by households and businesses. Roads may also be closed or obstructed to allow roadside works to be undertaken, such as tree felling, wall repairs or deliveries to and from premises.

  • Road Works Coordination

    • The States will co-ordinate these in such a way as to minimise disruption to road users, and at the same time give the public as much information as possible.
    • As well as sending out regular updates to the media, road works are publicised on a website called IRIS (Island Road works Information Service).   This can be viewed at
    • Process
    • As soon as an application for a road works project is received it is entered onto the IRIS system (or in the case of the utilities and road maintenance they are entered directly on to the system).   However, the application will only be displayed once the application has been considered against the Roadwork Policies (available to download) and initial approval had been granted.
    • Nearer to the time of the closure, further information may be added on the IRIS map, such as one-ways or diversion routes required to manage traffic.
  • Safety at Street Works and Road Works

    • The 'Safety at Street Works and Road Works' Code of Practice, which is based on the UK Department of Transport "Red Book", provides guidance and information in respect of works taking place on or adjacent to the public highway in the island.
    • A copy is available for download here:  pdf icon Safety at Street Works and Road Works [3Mb]
  • Road Work Updates

    • Currently, Traffic and Highway Services distribute regular Alerts and Updates to media organisations, commercial road users and emergency service providers, which provide up-to-date information on road closures and traffic management arrangements. This information is also posted to our Twitter feed @GsyTraffic and on our Facebook page.
    • Please click on the following link for details of the current and upcoming road works: pdf icon Road Works List - wc 22.07.19 [63kb].
  • Applying to undertake works or obstruct the Public Highway

    • Anyone wishing to undertake any works or obstruct the Public Highway requires a permit.   To obtain a permit, please complete the pdf icon Roadworks & traffic management application form [361kb].
    • Initial requests can also be made to Traffic and Highway Services via Email to or Tel: 243400.
    • Anyone who wishes to undertake a project in the road should be aware that there are minimum periods of notice that must be given to Traffic and Highway Services, detailed below.   These have been set to allow the time required for planning, coordination, consultation with interested parties and media notification.
      • Traffic Management - Minimum* Notification Periods
        Road TypeRoad ClosedTemporary Lights /
        One-way / Contra flow
        Road Obstruction /
        Parking Suspended
        Inter Harbour Route4 weeks2 weeks2 working days
        Traffic Priority Route4 weeks2 weeks2 working days
        Local Circulation Route4 weeks2 weeks2 working days
        Neighbourhood Roads2 weeks2 weeks2 working days
    • In accordance with the Code of Practice, any applications for road work projects involving water, gas, electric, telecommunication, drainage or roads must be made by the utility company or States body concerned.  It will not be acceptable for contractors to make this application on their behalf.
    • Applications for other reasons such as for tree felling, removals, scaffolding, skips etc. must be made in writing (on the appropriate form below) to Traffic and Highway Services These can be emailed ( posted, faxed or brought into the offices at Bulwer Avenue.
  • Emergency Repairs

    • Sometimes Traffic and Highway Services, service providers or private contractors may be required to undertake emergency repairs following failure of services in the road, collapse of retaining walls or banks, wind damage or some other similar unplanned event. Permission for these urgent works to be undertaken must be obtained from the Traffic Services during office hours (8.45am - 5pm Monday to Friday) or from the Guernsey Police when the office is closed.
  • Suspension of Parking

    • Permission can be given by Traffic & Highway Services for approved or disc parking or an unloading bay to be suspended, in which case warning signs are put out and parking is not allowed between the signs for the duration of time specified on the signs.
    • Parking is only suspended if absolutely necessary, for reasons such as to allow work to be carried out on that road, to allow removal lorries to park, or to allow loading or unloading.
    • Requests to suspend parking must be made to Traffic & Highway Services two clear working days in advance of the suspension. If the suspension period is greater than a week further procedures are required and contact should be made with to Traffic and Highway Services on Tel: 243400.
    • Application Form [307kb]
  • Events

    • Please be advised that permission for road closures or traffic management for special events/occasions i.e. weddings, funerals, fetes, hill climbs and athletic races etc. must be obtained from Traffic & Highway Services.
    • Please contact Traffic & Highway Services for further information or download and application form here. pdf icon Special events application form [342kb]
    • Standard conditions for holding events on the public highway can be found here: pdf icon Events - Standard Conditions [346kb]
    • Further guidance on health and safety for an event can be found here:  Health and Safety Executive Guidance



Road Works List - wc 22.07.19 Road Works List - wc 15.07.19 Events - Standard Conditions Roadwork policies Roadworks & traffic management application form Safety at street works & road works Special events application form Suspended parking application

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