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Skills Guernsey

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Skills Guernsey aims to ensure that Guernsey has a highly skilled workforce, equipped for the opportunities and challenges of the global economy.

Skills Guernsey is a States of Guernsey sub-committee that has responsibility for ensuring the development of workforce skills, supporting both the States of Guernsey's Policy & Resource Plan, and the States' Economic Development Strategy. 

On 13th November 2018, Skills Guernsey published the Skills Guernsey Action Plan, available to download from the side of this page.

  • Skills Guernsey Action Plan

    • The Skills Guernsey Action Plan was developed to provide a concise list of actions across government, the community and industry.
    • The Plan was developed through extensive engagement with industry and is informed by the findings of research into current skills gaps. It provides coordinated actions to ensure that skills development remains a priority in Guernsey and the skill needs of our business community are recognised.
  • Monitor and Review

    • Skills Guernsey recognises that the demand for skills is ever changing, and therefore commitment to continue to capture and review industry needs is essential. To enable this, Skills Guernsey will undertake an annual review of the action plan. This update will be supported by skills-related research, and through engagement with industry groups to continue to identify key themes and local challenges facing businesses.
    • All information collected as part of the annual review will be summarised in a brief report to be shared with industry. This information will also be used to update the lead Committees and the Policy & Resources Committee.
  • More Information

    • If you would like to know more, or you would be interested in being involved in Skills Guernsey, please contact:



Skills Guernsey Action Plan Skills Guernsey Progress Update 2020

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