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Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy Steering Group

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Purpose - The steering group exists to oversee the refresh of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy (MHWBS), previously known as the Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan.

Once the strategy refresh has been completed, the group will oversee its implementation. This will include recommendations from both the 2022 and 2018 Gedze reviews. Members will contribute knowledge and perspective on the evidence base relating to priority areas identified within the Strategy.


The Chair of the group is likely to change after the MHWBS refresh in order to better service strategic implementation of KPIs. 

Group roles

Stakeholder Reference Groups

The group will also regularly engage with existing stakeholder groups and invite representatives from other organisations and professionals from across community, Health & Social Care and other States of Guernsey Departments to participate. Invitees will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but may include:

Service User Engagement

The team will regularly receive feedback from service users via the lived experience member of the group and from Guernsey MIND and the Community Foundation as the community link.


The MHWBS Action Group will report to the Committee for Health & Social Care, as the lead political Committee through regular reporting as set out in the MHWBS.  This will initially be once a quarter, moving to annual reporting in the medium term. Public communications will be informed via the States if Guernsey Communications link. A member of the Committee for Health & Social Care will also be invited to all meetings to provide political representation and oversight.

For meetings to be quorate, a representative from Specialist Mental Health Services, Primary Care, Healthy Minds, Public Health and the third sector will need to be present.


It is proposed that meetings are held monthly for the first three months, and then as agreed by the group. The first meeting will be held in Q4 of 2022.

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