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Term Dates

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This page provides the term dates for all States schools until July 2021.

In addition to the dates below, each school can award an extra inset day for its students/pupils, in order to facilitate a Professional Development Day (PDD). Schools will advise parents and carers of this additional PDD day.

Public and school holiday dates

2019-2020 Autumn Term 
Monday 2nd SeptemberTerm Starts (Staff)
Tuesday 3rd SeptemberTerm Starts (Pupils - primary schools)
Tuesday 3rd SeptemberTerm Starts (Pupils at Le Murier & Les Voies)
Wednesday 4th SeptemberTerm starts (Pupils - secondary schools)
Monday 28th October - Friday 1st NovemberHalf Term
Friday 20th DecemberTerm Ends
2019-2020 Spring Term 
Monday 6th JanuaryTerm Starts (Staff)
Tuesday 7th JanuaryTerm Starts (Pupils)
Monday 17th to Friday 21st FebruaryHalf Term
Friday 3rd AprilTerm Ends
2019-2020 Summer Term 
Monday 20th AprilTerm Starts (Staff)
Tuesday 21st AprilTerm Starts (Pupils)
Friday 8th MayPublic Holiday (debated and confirmed by the States instead of May Day Bank holiday on 4th May 2020)
Monday 25th to Friday 29th MayHalf Term
Friday 17th JulyTerm Ends
2020-2021 Autumn Term 
Tuesday 1st SeptemberTerm Starts (Staff)
Wednesday 2nd SeptemberTerm Starts (Pupils)
Monday 26th to Friday 30th OctoberHalf Term
Tuesday 22nd DecemberTerm Ends
2020-2021 Spring Term 
Monday 4th JanuaryTerm Starts (Staff)
Tuesday 5th JanuaryTerm Starts (Pupils)
Monday 8th to Friday 12th FebruaryHalf Term
Thursday 1st AprilTerm Ends
2020-2021 Summer Term 
Monday 19th AprilTerm Starts (Staff)
Tuesday 20th AprilTerm Starts (Pupils)
Monday 3rd MayMay Day Bank Holiday
Monday 31st May to Friday 4th JuneHalf Term
Friday 16th JulyTerm Ends


Guidance Notes

1. The School Calendar for pupils is 191 days. This includes Liberation Day, if it occurs Monday to Friday and the extra day. Students, therefore, attend 189 days when Liberation Day falls Monday-Friday and 190 otherwise.

2. In addition, teachers also attend on the day prior to the beginning of each term and the extra day. Teachers, therefore, attend 193 days when Liberation Day falls Monday-Friday and 194 otherwise.


College of Further Education Term Dates 2019-20

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