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Traffic management for events

Contact Us - Traffic and Highway Services

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This page provides information about getting permission for road closures and traffic management for special events/occasions.

Important Note

In July 2023, the Committee for the Environment & Infrastructure determined that for the remainder of 2023 and 2024 it would not accept applications for major events that would require a significant amount of administration time to organise and require multiple road closures. These major events often necessitate public consultation and/or consideration of risk assessments.

The pause in acceptance of applications for major events taking place in these years is to enable Traffic & Highway Services to investigate streamlining processes and also whether there would be justification in levying an administrative charge for facilitating events which can take a significant amount of time to plan but are considered a non-core service. Organisations who typically hold the same or a very similar event each year and where the traffic management measures remain unchanged will not be impacted by this decision.   

If you are considering holding an event that requires multiple road closures, please contact Traffic and Highway Services as soon as possible to discuss whether this can be considered.

Permission for road closures or traffic management for special events/occasions i.e. weddings, funerals, fetes, hill climbs and athletic races etc. must be obtained from Traffic and Highway Services. To apply for permission, you will need to complete an pdf icon application form [234kb].

If you would like more information in relation to submitting an application for an event, please contact Traffic and Highway Services using the contact us button on this page.

There are a few policies that may be relevant to the event that you are planning, which are listed below.

A separate page provides information if you are looking to hold a motor event on public land rather than a public highway.

Health and Safety Executive

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers support and advice, emphasizing compliance with health and safety law which places duties on those involved in events to ensure the health and safety of their employees, volunteers, and the public. Organisations and individuals who have any control of the event(s) must consider what measures and checks they need to take to ensure they are safe. Detailed HSE guidance is available on their website here:


Road Works - Traffic management application form Events - Application Form Events - Standard Conditions Guernsey Motor Rally Policy 2024 Fair Processing Notice

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