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Vehicle ownership

Contact Us - Driver and Vehicle Licensing

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Find information on buying and selling vehicles, registering a vehicle (including first registration duty based on vehicle emissions), notifying a change of name/address and what is required when you scrap or export a vehicle.

Please note that there is a fee of £27.50 to transfer a vehicle to a new registered keeper.  

Details of all fees in relation to Driver and Vehicle Licensing, including retention of registration marks, can be found here.  


  • Changes to Vehicle Construction & Use Standards

    • Traffic and Highway Services wish to advise the public of a number of changes to vehicle construction and use standards in Guernsey, the majority of which will come into force when the UN Convention on Road Traffic 1968 ("The Vienna Convention") is formally ratified on 29th March 2019.
    • This latest information follows recent advice issued with regard to International Driving Permits and Trailer Registration requirements and will apply to all motor vehicles and trailers registered in Guernsey.
      • The advice document is available here.
      • Media release available here.
  • Buying & selling a vehicle

    • If a vehicle is bought or sold, either the buyer or seller of the Guernsey registered vehicle you must, within 2 weeks of the vehicle changing hands, submit notification of change of ownership to our Bulwer Avenue office.
    • You will need:
      • Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) completed on the back with the new owners details (name, date of birth and address) and both the old and new keeper's signatures. The bottom cut-off section may be retained as a receipt.
      • If instead you still have an old, green, cardboard log book, this must be submitted along with a completed  "transfer of keeper" form signed by both buyer and seller. 
      • Fee of £27.50. (This can be paid by either the buyer or seller but must accompany the application to transfer ownership.)
    • For buying and selling a vehicle in Alderney please follow this link.
    • The new VRC/log book will be sent to the new registered keeper (buyer) providing a local address is given.
    • Please note:
      • If the vehicle is leaving Guernsey / a non-Guernsey address is provided for the new keeper, please see Exporting a Vehicle.
  • Registering a new/imported vehicle (See section below for trailers)

    • To register a vehicle in Guernsey the following criteria has to be met:
      • The vehicle must be in Guernsey.
      • The vehicle must have been declared at, and cleared through, Guernsey Border Agency. Click here for further information.
      • The vehicle must be primarily for circulation on the roads of Guernsey.
      • The registered owner of the vehicle must be a resident of Guernsey.
      • If your vehicle is over 7'6¾" in width and/or over 31' in length then it is classed as an oversize vehicle in Guernsey. Please be aware that these vehicles cannot be freely circulated around the Island. You will have to apply for an oversize vehicle permit from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing, Bulwer Avenue office.
      • Please note that if your vehicle is a camper van you may need permission from the Planning Division to park the vehicle on your property. Click here for further information.
      • Please also be aware of the additional requirements for the registration of motor vehicles owned by corporations here.
    • For information on registering a vehicle in Alderney please follow this link.
    • If a vehicle is being permanently imported into Guernsey by a permanent Guernsey resident, it must be registered within 14 days of arriving or should be kept on private land until it is registered. If a person is self-isolating on arrival, the period for registering a vehicle has been extended to 14 days from the date that isolation period ends.
    • At the time of registration you will have to produce:
      • A completed application to register a vehicle form. If the vehicle is a trailer please see the trailer section below.
      • If the vehicle is used - the current registration document / log book. (If this is unavailable, apply for a Certificate of Export from the jurisdiction has come from.) If you are buying a second hand vehicle from the UK, please make sure you keep the whole of the V5C (UK registration document) as you will need it to register the vehicle here. DO NOT send the V5C in to the DVLA in the UK as they may not return it and they will not issue a Certificate of Export in its place. We CANNOT register the vehicle in Guernsey if you do not have the whole V5C.
      • If the vehicle is new and has never been registered - The vehicle's security form (V55/1-4) must be surrendered. This document is produced by the vehicle manufacturer.
      • If yours is not the name on the current vehicle document then continuity of registered ownership must be shown, such as a bill of sale/invoice from the previous keeper.
      • The weight of the vehicle must be provided (Mass in Service). This can either be found on the current registration document or V55/1-4 as Mass in Service, or in the vehicle's manual. If the weight is not found, the vehicle must be weighed before it is registered.
      • A one-off registration fee of £44.00 is payable on all first-time registrations in Guernsey.
      • An additional one-off First Registration Duty will be applied to all 'new' and 'second-hand' vehicles being imported and registered in Guernsey for the first time.  However, certain 'low emission' vehicles will be zero rated. An application for an exemption or preferential rate is available here.
  • Scrapping a vehicle

    • You must visit Bulk Refuse and complete the application form. If you do not select the collection by bulk refuse option and are arranging the delivery of the vehicle to Guernsey Recycling's yard at Bulwer Avenue yourself you will be sent a letter from Bulk Refuse authorising the vehicle's disposal. You will need to hand over the authorising letter at Guernsey Recycling's yard when delivering the vehicle otherwise you will be charged £95 to scrap the vehicle. If you wish for the vehicle to be collected please ensure you select this option. Payment of £30 is required at the time of making the application online.
    • Driver & Vehicle Licensing need only be informed after the vehicle has been disposed of.
      • Surrender the vehicle's Vehicle Registration Certificate (log book), with the relevant section on the back completed.
      • Alternatively, complete a notification form if the vehicle's log book is unavailable.
      • You must state how/where the vehicle was disposed of.
      • Confirm whether or not your wish to retain the vehicle's registration number (£88.00 fee
    • Please note if a vehicle has been sold/given away for spares,motor cross or sand racing see Buying & Selling a Vehicle section above.
    • If the vehicle was scrapped off-island please see Exporting a vehicle.
    • If the vehicle has been disposed of by skip, you must state the skip company.
    • Please note that unless we are notified by you that you have scrapped or exported your vehicle, it will remain in your name until we have received the relevant paperwork.
    • Find the form here to de-register a trailer
  • Exporting a vehicle

    • If the vehicle is to be sold or scrapped off-island:
      • Surrender the vehicle's Vehicle Registration Certificate (log book) with the relevant section on the back completed.
      • If the log book is unavailable or you hold an old, green log book you will need to complete a notification form.
      • You must state that the vehicle is Exported.
      • Confirm whether or not you wish to retain the vehicle's registration number (£88.00 fee).
      • A Certificate of Export can be requested for a fee of £14.00 should it be required if the Vehicle Registration Certificate can't be found. Alternatively, the Vehicle Registration Certificate can be given directly to the new owner to use to re-register the vehicle off Island.
    • Please note that unless we are notified by you that you have scrapped or exported your vehicle, it will remain in your name until we have received the relevant paperwork.
  • Trailers

    • To find information about registering trailers follow this link. 
      • For a registration form follow this link.
      • For an application form to de-register a trailer follow this link.
  • Change of name and/or address

    • To update your Vehicle Registration Certificates you must:
      • submit all Vehicle Registration Certificates (VRCs) (or 'old green 'log books' , if applicable) with your new address completed on the back.  If you are unable to find a VRC or logbook you will be required to apply and pay for a duplicate VRC.
    • To update your driving licence you must:
      • submit both the card and paper counterpart of your driving licence (both full and provisional licences, if applicable) with your new name and/or address completed on the back of the paper counterpart. If you cannot supply the paper part of your driving licence, please complete a pdf icon Change of Details Form [535kb].  If you have lost the card part of your driving licence, you will have to apply and pay for a duplicate driving licence.  
      • if you have not previously had your identity verified, submit your original passport OR a completed Identity Verification Form. If you post in your original passport, it will be returned to you via recorded delivery.  (If your identity has already been verified, a date will have been inserted in section 14 on the back of the plastic part of your driving licence).
      • if you have changed your name, provide proof e.g. marriage certificate, enrolled deed poll or divorce papers.
    • There is no fee to notify us of a change of name and/or address.
  • Duplicate Vehicle Registration Certificate (Logbook)

    • Complete the application form for a duplicate Vehicle Registration Certificate (logbook) here.
    • The fee of £14.00 should be included.
  • Exchange a registration number

    • If you want to transfer a registration number from a vehicle you own to a new vehicle you are registering at the same time, you will need to bring in the original vehicle's Vehicle Registration Certificate, a completed 'Exchange of Registration Mark' form and the details of the new vehicle, along with the exchange of registration mark fee of £44 and the first registration fee of £44 (a total of £88). Please note that the vehicle may also be subject to a one-off First Registration Duty  
    • If you want to exchange of registration mark between two vehicles that are currently Guernsey registered, you will require the Vehicle Registration Certificate for each vehicle along with two 'Exchange of Registration Mark' forms (one for each vehicle). There will be a single fee of £88.
    • When exchanging numbers between three of more vehicles, there is a charge of £44 for each vehicle (eg: an exchange between three vehicles would be £132, and between four vehicles would be £176).
    • Further advice and assistance is available by contacting DVL Bulwer Avenue office on 223400.
  • Retaining a registration number

    • You can retain a registration number you hold for up to a year until you are ready to assign to a vehicle for a fee of £88. (This fee includes assigning it to a vehicle at a later date) This period can be extend for another year for a further fee of £88, however, this must be applied for before the expiry of the original period of retention. 
    • You will need to produce the registration document of the vehicle from which you are retaining the number and a completed 'Exchange of Registration Mark' form.  
    • The number can be reserved and a Certificate of Retention issued to you as proof of the number being held.  A new number will then be issued to the original vehicle and a new vehicle registration certificate produced.
    • When retaining a number, it may only be retained in the name of the registered keeper of the original vehicle. Similarly, when the number is assigned to another vehicle the vehicle must be registered in that name also.
    • The holder of any retained registration number may, free of charge, at any time during the period of the validity of a Certificate of Retention, transfer in writing, the right of that certificate to his/her spouse. The spouse may have to pay a fee of £44 to have the mark assigned to their vehicle.
    • Further advice and assistance is available by contacting DVL Bulwer Avenue office on 223400.
  • Using a retained registration number

    • If you want to use your retained registration number for a new vehicle being registered for the first time in Guernsey, you must bring in your Retention Certificate along with the documentation for the vehicle and the first time registration fee of £44. If you have lost the retention certificate you can apply for a duplicate request form here. Please note that the vehicle may also be subject to a one-off First Registration Duty  
    • If you want to assign the retained registration number to a vehicle you already own you must bring in the Certificate of Retention, along a completed 'Exchange of Registration Mark' form and the documentation for the vehicle to DVL Bulwer Avenue Office. If you have lost the retention certificate you can find an application form for a duplicate document here.
    • The holder of any retained registration number may, free of charge, at any time during the period of the validity of a Certificate of Retention, transfer in writing, the right of that certificate to his/her spouse. The spouse may have to pay a fee of £44 to have the mark assigned to their vehicle.
    • Further advice and assistance is available by contacting DVL Bulwer Avenue office on 223400.
  • Special registration numbers

    • Registration marks are the property of the States of Guernsey and are assigned to private vehicles for registration purposes. However, vehicle keepers can apply for and purchase the 'right' to use a particular registration mark.
    • Definition of "Special" Marks (Registration Numbers)
      • The current definition of a "special" mark is a palindrome five digit number or consecutive five digit, or a five digit with two sets of doubles in it OR a one, two, three or four digit number for motor vehicles. It therefore follows that any other registration mark not included in these categories is deemed to be a non-special mark.
      • From time to time, DVL make "special" marks available for sale either at public auctions or by sealed tender. Details of these sales, including the marks on offer, are published in the Guernsey Press and on this web site.
  • Information for new residents

    • Helpful information and advice for new Guernsey residents can be found by following this link.
    • For information on the requirements for exchanging your driving licence please go to: 
    • Information about registering an imported vehicle in Guernsey can be found in the section above: Registering a new/imported vehicle 
    • For further information about driving in Guernsey follow this link
  • Payment

    • Payment for the services provided can be made in cash, cheque (payable to the 'States of Guernsey or in respect to Alderney residents 'States of Alderney'), debit or credit card.

Follow this link to contact us if you'd like more information or guidance.



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