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Vehicle Permits & Trailers

Contact Us - Traffic and Highway Services

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Find information here on the residents parking scheme, prohibited streets, prohibited street access permits for loading or unloading and for residents, plus details of regulations on vehicle sizes and permits for oversized vehicles and/or loads to circulate on Island roads as well as information on trailers.


  • Prohibited Street Permits

    • Prohibited Street permits are only available for essential business or residential access. Note: residents applying for a residential permit to access prohibited streets must ensure the vehicle is registered at their address.
    • Permits for prohibited streets around St Peter Port town area will only grant access at given times, see time restrictions below.  However, in exceptional circumstances, permits may be granted to allow access outside of these times.  
    • Temporary permits for one off deliveries or collections can also be requested.
    • Businesses who have reasonable cause for regular access (loading/unloading, removal companies etc) will be issued with a permit valid for 3 years.
    • The following streets are prohibited to traffic except by permit:
      • The High Street (6pm-10am)
      • Smith Street (6pm-10am) -  No permit required between 6pm and 10am if unloading
      • Le Pollet (6pm-10am) - Prohibited from La Plaiderie (Moores Hotel)
      • Mansell Street (6pm-10am)
      • Mill Street (6pm-10am)
      • The Strand
      • La Ruette des Cotils
      • Rue des Freres
      • Fermain Lane - Prohibited to motorcycles, and prohibited to motor vehicles from Le Chalet Hotel to the coast.
      • North Plantation - Prohibited to all vehicles from 10am to 5am except for access to off-street parking by permit. Between 5am & 10am access for delivery vehicles for loading & unloading is permitted without a permit.
      • Market Street (1am - 10am) - (No permit required if un/loading) (No permit required for Blue Badge holders using accessible parking space 8am - 10am)
      • Market Square (1am - 10am)
      • High Street via Berthelot Street.
    • If you require access, please complete the relevant application form below. Further information about prohibited streets can be found in the download section.
    • pdf icon Prohibited street application form (Resident) [334kb]
    • pdf icon Prohibited street application form for un/loading purposes [358kb]
  • Oversized and Overweight Vehicles, Abnormal Loads and Vehicle Escorts

  • Flashing Light Permits

    • An application form to apply for an amber or green flashing light permit can be found here. Please allow seven (7) working days for permits to be processed.
  • Residents Parking Scheme

    • Information on the residents parking scheme and how to apply can be found here.
  • Towing Vehicles & Trailers

    • From time to time, holders of a driving licence may wish to tow a trailer behind their vehicle. It is important to remember that towing can only be undertaken by holders of an appropriate full category of driving licence or a provisional licence that includes a trailer entitlement (BE, C1E, CE etc) and there is a co-driver present who holds, and has held a full licence including trailer entitlement for a period of at least one year. By way of an example, it is not permissible for someone to tow a trailer when holding only a category B ('car') provisional licence. Further information on driving licence requirements when towing a trailer is available here.
    • Towing a trailer will affect the handling characteristics of the towing vehicle and also impact on braking distances. Trailers that exceed 102kg un-laden and/or ½ the kerbside weight of the towing vehicle are required to be fitted with brakes or a permit must be obtained exempting the requirement. Evidence of safe towing limits for the vehicle and trailer will be required to be produced in order to obtain a permit. Further information on trailer braking requirements is available here
    • Trailers may be required to be fitted with a plate that details the maximum load imposed on the towing vehicle (maximum gross trailer weight). Traffic and Highway Services also requires the plate to detail the manufacturer's name, trailer type, serial number, number of axles and maximum axle weight. Further information on trailer plating requirements is available here.
    • Please contact Traffic and Highway Services for further information.
  • Suspension of Parking

    • Information on suspension of parking and how to apply can be found here.


Prohibited street information Application to operate an amber or green flashing light on a vehicle Fair Processing Notice

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