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Medicines funded by the States of Guernsey

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The States of Guernsey maintains a 'White List' of medicines (drugs) and medical appliances. Items on the White List are approved to receive funding from the States of Guernsey. This means they are available to residents of Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Jethou on prescription following payment of the prescription charge (currently £3.90 per item).

Funding for the items on this list has been agreed by the States of Guernsey on the advice of a group of doctors and pharmacists. Please click on the headings below for further information. The medicines and drugs that are currently approved for funding can also be viewed on the White List in the downloads section of this page.

  • How do I get medicines or appliances that are on the White List?

    • Doctors and dentists all prescribe approved medicines to treat medical conditions and advise patients on what medical appliances (eg. catheters) to use. If you have a medical condition that requires treatment you should seek professional advice.
    • Your doctor or dentist will decide the most appropriate treatment for you. This may include a prescription for the medicine or appliance that you need. You can then take your prescription to any of the local pharmacies to get the items that you need.
  • Are all medicines and appliances on the White List?

    • Sometimes a medical professional will advise that the most appropriate treatment for you is a medicine or appliance that is not on the White List. In these unusual cases, a private prescription will still be issued to you.
    • This will mean that you can collect the item from a local pharmacy, but you will need to pay the full price of the medicine or appliance that has been prescribed.
  • Why is there a White List?

    • Public funds are limited, so it is very important that the best possible use is made of them. The White List is the limited prescribing list that exists under the Health Service (Benefit) (Limited Lists) Ordinance, 2004. It sets out the list of medicines and medical appliances that the States of Guernsey has approved for funding with public money

If you would like more information about the White List and how medicines and appliances are added or removed from it, please contact Geraldine O'Riordan, Prescribing Advisor tel: 01481 732460


White List - Alphabetical Order White List - Old BNF Order

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