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Wombling Scheme

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This page is dedicated to those interested in volunteering to become a Wombler. On this page we will explain how you can register and what you need to do to dispose of the rubbish you collect.

  • What is a Wombler?

    • A Wombler is a person who collects litter from the Island's public spaces, including beaches.  There is no need for an individual to become a registered Wombler if the litter they collect can be disposed of using the publicly provided litter bins, or if the litter has been collected as part of a group organised beach clean.  If you are arranging a large scale organised/publicised beach clean you should contact Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services (ACLMS) or 224567) to arrange disposal. 
  • How do I register?

    • Any person who satisfies the criteria of a Wombler, as above, can register by completing the 'Wombler Registration Form' which can be found in the downloads section on this page. Paper copies can be requested via email at or you can call us on 221234. Please return the form to Guernsey Waste, La Hure Mare, Vale, GY3 5UD or scan and email it to
    • Once registered, Womblers will be provided with a supply of clear bags along with stickers containing an ID number unique to them.
  • What will the ID number be used for?

    • The unique ID number will be used to ensure that the litter has been collected by a registered Wombler and will be used to prevent any potential abuse of the system. 
    • The bagged waste collected is the responsibility of the registered Wombler until it is collected by ACLMS. Any issues relating to the bag or its contents will be directed, by either Guernsey Waste or ACLMS, to the individual via the contact details provided.  Guernsey Waste or ACLMS may also contact you from time to time about the scheme or the areas you Womble in.
  • What rubbish can I put in the bag?

    • These bags should only be used for the collection of non-recyclable rubbish from public areas i.e. litter.  It would be appreciated where possible, if any litter which can be recycled, be dealt with through the householders' kerbside recycling or dedicated beach recycling bins.
    • Please do not put any batteries or items containing batteries into these bags.  These should instead be taken to the Household Waste & Recycling Centre at Longue Hougue.  For other items which pose a danger please refer to
  • What can't I put in the bag?

    • Items such as crab pots, ropes and nets can cause damage to the processing machinery at the Waste Transfer Station and therefore should not be placed in bags.  These should instead be placed next to the coastal bins and ACLMS notified to arrange a separate collection ( or 224567).
    • Loose, heavy or large items can be left near slipways if ACLMS are notified so that they can be collected.  Bags of 'Wombled' litter left by coastal bins do not need to be notified to ACLMS.
  • How do I dispose of the bags?

    • Once the bag is full, it should be securely tied and left next to one of the green coastal litter bins. These are situated at most beaches and the bags will be collected when the bins are emptied. Please bear in mind that during winter months the coastal bins are not emptied every day and if it is windy your bag of litter could be blown away before it can be picked up, therefore please make every effort to secure the bag.  Bags should not be placed by any other litter bins around the Island.
  • How do I request more bags?

    • More bags can be requested by contacting us at or 221234, please let us know how many bags you would like and we will deliver them to you.  Please contact us before you run out and allow 10 working days for us to process your request. We will notify you when they are ready to be delivered.
  • Contact us

    • If you have any queries, please contact us at Guernsey Waste by calling 221234 or email Thank you for all your efforts in keeping Guernsey clean.


Wombling Scheme Information Wombler registration form

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