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You and your baby

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  • What to expect after the birth

    • After you have given birth to your baby, a Midwife (and where required, an Obstetrician) will perform a thorough assessment of you and  you will also be given the option of a Midwife or your GP to perform your baby check. At this time they will discuss your options of staying in Hospital or preparing to go home.  This will be based on you and your baby's individual needs.     
    • Whether you stay in Hospital or have an early discharge, you can expect:
      • Postnatal examinations of you and your baby
      • Screening tests for your baby
      • Feeding advice and support
      • Preparation for going home
    • Your baby may sometimes require further monitoring or support, for example if  your baby is born premature (born before 37 weeks) or your baby might require monitoring of their blood sugars. Where possible your baby will receive care on Loveridge ward however, if closer observation is necessary this will be on our Neonatal Unit, where all our staff will ensure that you receive the information, communication and support that you will need.
    • In preparation for going home with your baby, the Midwife will provide information or you about:
      • Who to call if you have any concerns about yourself or your baby
      • What to expect, and what is normal after giving birth
      • Pelvic floor exercises
      • Contraception advice
    • Information about registering your baby with the Greffe
    • Registering your baby with a GP and follow up care
    • If you have any questions please contact the ward on 725241 ext. 4110.
  • Postnatal Care

    • Whether you have your baby at home or in Hospital you will be offered postnatal care, support and advice to help you in those first few days.
    • If you have your baby in hospital and all has gone well with the birth, you may be able to return home with your baby within a few hours. In any case, your stay in Hospital is likely to be short after an uncomplicated delivery.
    • We are sensitive to your needs and our postnatal facilities cater for a range of requirements, whether you have a straight-forward birth or if you require more support after your baby is born.
    • If your baby is ill or premature (born before 37 weeks) some special care can be provided by or our Neonatal Unit where the staff will ensure that you receive the information, communication and support that you need.
    • Whether you stay in Hospital or have an early discharge, you will be offered:
      • Postnatal checks to make sure you and your baby are well
      • Screening tests for your baby
      • Feeding advice
    • When you leave Hospital with your baby, your Community Midwife will visit you at home until your baby is around 10 days old, this is to provide support to you, your baby and your family. You will then be discharged to the care of the Health Visitor who will continue to do health checks on your baby and advise you on the recommended immunisations.
  • Neonatal Unit

    • Everyone hopes their pregnancy will go smoothly and that their baby will be born at term and be healthy. The Neonatal Unit (NNU) at the Hospital is specially designed and equipped to care for sick and premature babies if things don't go to plan.
    • If you give birth early, or your baby needs caring for in a Neonatal Unit, it can be an anxious time for you and your family. We fully understand the roller coaster of feelings you will experience if your baby is admitted to our unit. We aim to give the very best standard of care to you and your baby and have a permanent team of highly experienced medical and nursing staff who understand just how stressful a time it can be.
    • Babies requiring admission to the Neonatal Unit include sick babies, premature babies (born before 37 weeks gestation but over 32 weeks), babies who need close monitoring and babies needing investigations.
    • When your baby is admitted to the Neonatal Unit, their condition will be assessed and any necessary medical action taken. The equipment may seem strange and frightening, but our nursing staff will explain the purpose of each item. You will always be kept informed of the progress of your baby and please do not be afraid to ask questions at any time.

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