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Your pregnancy

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  • I'm pregnant, what next

    • Your GP will refer you to the Midwives once your pregnancy is confirmed. You can expect two appointments within 2 weeks of your referral or from 8 weeks of pregnancy:
    • Your 'Booking Assessment' appointment with a Midwife
    • An ultrasound scan appointment with a Sonographer
    • Your booking assessment with a Midwife will take place at the antenatal clinic at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. You will be given information regarding diet and nutrition, antenatal screen tests, antenatal care and classes, maternity and paternity benefits
    • You will be offered several antenatal screening tests which will be discussed and explained to you by a Midwife
    • To ensure that the right care and support is provided for you, your Midwife will ask you a number of questions. You may also have lots of questions yourself and we suggest you make a list of these prior to your appointment
    • You will also receive an ultrasound scan appointment with a Sonographer from Radiology
    • All tests will be discussed and explained to you by a Midwife at your booking appointment.
  • Antenatal Care & Clinics

    • Antenatal clinics are held at the Hospital by appointment only between Monday to Friday day/evening:
    • Monday           12:40 - 20:00
    • Tuesday          12:40 - 20:00
    • Wednesday     09:00 - 15:00
    • Thursday         08:30 - 14:00 (Booking Clinic)
    • Friday              08:30 - 15:30
    • The Midwives also run specialist clinics to provide women with additional support for issues such as smoking, weight management, drug and alcohol concerns, previous caesarean sections (VBAC clinic), Bereavement and previous difficult births. If you have had a previous caesarean section you will be referred to the vaginal birth after caesarean section clinic (VBAC) to discuss your options for this labour and birth.
    • If you have non urgent enquiries or need to re-arrange your appointment please contact the Community Midwives on 01481 707682 or email with your name, query and contact details and we will respond as soon as possible
    • Regular clinics in Alderney are held every two weeks. Please contact the Community Midwives on 01481 707682 if you wish to make an appointment - all dates and times are posted at the community centre and Mignot Hospital notice board
  • Parenting Classes - Great Expectations

    • You will be given a booking form at your initial appointment with your Midwife for a free 4 week parenting class called Great Expectations. This course is designed to provide you with all the information and skills you need to feel confident about making the right choices for your new baby. Delivered by Health Visitors, Midwives and Family Support Workers, the topics include:
      • Having a healthy baby
      • Preparation for parenthood, birth and beyond
      • Communicating with your bump and baby
      • Changes in relationships
      • Getting your baby off to the best possible start
      • How babies grow and develop
    • It is also an ideal opportunity to ask questions you might have about becoming a parent.
    • To book a place on the Great Expectations antenatal programme please contact on the Community Team on 01481 707682
  • Pregnancy Assessment Unit

    • The Pregnancy Assessment Unit (PAU) on Loveridge ward provides care for those who have complications after the 20th week of pregnancy
    • Other conditions that may be addressed in the PAU include:
      • High blood pressure
      • Diabetes in pregnancy
      • Baby's growth
      • Baby's movements
    • Your Midwife/Consultant will be referred you to PAU
    • The usual opening times for the PAU are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday:   08:00 - 14:00
  • Maternity Triage

    • Triage allows a quick and efficient assessment of your needs.
    • If you think you may be in labour, or you have any concerns regarding yourself or your baby's wellbeing call the ward on 725241 ext 4110. The Midwife will carry out an assessment over the phone before advising you as to whether you need to come in. The Midwife will take a detailed history to fully assess your needs and direct you to the most appropriate area of care, such as the Community Midwife, the PAU, GP, to stay at home or to come to the ward. If you are advised to attend the hospital you will initially be reviewed in our Triage facility
    • The Midwife will assess you and your baby
    • Why do I have to go to triage first?
    • Maternity triage is a service that provides women with access to high quality and consistent support and advice at the first point of contact when calling into the maternity unit
    • The maternity triage service will provide you:
    • 1.   Direct contact with a Midwife who will provide advice and support over the telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • 2.   Ensure the care of women is undertaken in the appropriate place and by the appropriate person at the appropriate time.
    • 3.   Encourage appropriate use of the PAU for women requiring monitoring.
    • 4.   Avoid unnecessary travel for women and families.
    • 5.   Ensure Midwives are available to provide one-to-one care for women in established labour.
    • If you are in labour you will be invited into triage and assessed by the Midwife before being transferred to the relevant area of the labour ward.


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