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Construction work commences at Longue Rue House and Maison Maritaine

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Wednesday 03 October 2012

Work will commence today to replace Longue Rue House and Maison Maritaine residential care homes with extra care housing.

'Ground-breaking' ceremonies will take place at the Longue Rue House and Maison Maritaine to mark the beginning of building work. The sites will also be formally given their new names, chosen by care home residents - Longue Rue House will become Le Grand Courtil, and Maison Maritaine will become La Nouvelle Maraitaine.

The commencement of work follows the States' decision in May last year to replace the residential care homes with extra care housing.

Housing Minister, Deputy Dave Jones, said:

"I am elated to finally see building work starting on these projects, as it seems an age since we first announced our plans to some very excited residents of our care homes.  The rising numbers of older people in the Island make developments such as these an urgent imperative; and having visited successful similar schemes elsewhere, I know that, once built and occupied, they will improve the quality of life for older and younger vulnerable people in Guernsey immeasurably both now and long into the future. 

I therefore wish the contractors well in the difficult job ahead in constructing the new accommodation, while enabling us to continue to run the two residential homes".

Both developments will provide a mix of one and two bedroom flats and communal facilities, for people who require care and support, but who wish to live independently. On-site 24/7 care and support service will be provided by the Housing Department, which will ensure that each person living in the new developments will have their care and support needs assessed individually, and their care and support plan tailored accordingly.

Le Grand Courtil (Longue Rue House) will provide 63 flats plus various community facilities including a restaurant/café, lounge, hobbies room, hairdresser's, therapy room and assisted bathing, a combined library/IT suite/quiet lounge, laundry, a volunteers' hub meeting room/office, staff office space and staff changing room, four lifts, residents' seating areas and gardens. At Le Grand Courtil, 15 flats will be available for the Health and Social Services Department to nominate occupants either from their own residential group homes or from the community.

The La Nouvelle Maritaine (Maison Maritaine) development will have 50 flats plus communal facilities, which will include a specialist Day Centre to be operated and managed by HSSD.

Each development will also have a restaurant that will provide a service to both residents and the public, which will also be operated and managed by HSSD - further evidence of the close partnership working between the two States' departments.

Both developments have been designed with expert input, aimed at making them attractive places to live and visit whilst, at the same time, providing an environment which enables independent living as care and support needs change. The extra care housing will not only meet the needs of residents, but will also provide facilities for day visitors who would like to have a cup of coffee, have their hair done, have lunch or just meet with friends in an environment that is easy to navigate and get around.

It is also envisaged that additional services will be developed in partnership with selected community and voluntary groups to provide a wider range of day respite services. This is to ensure that each development offers greater value to residents living in the wider community in the form of a community service hub.

The commencement of construction work marks an important milestone in the combined efforts of the Housing Department, HSSD, and the Guernsey Housing Association, to meet the needs of a growing number of Islanders looking for a real alternative to residential care. The GHA's role is to build the extra care housing and then maintain the buildings as the landlord.

The construction of the flats and communal facilities will be finished in May 2014 at La Nouvelle Maraitaine and in August 2014 at Le Grand Courtil.

The two ceremonies will reflect the close partnership working that has planned, and continues to plan, these exciting extra care housing developments.

Representatives of the Housing Department, Health and Social Department, Guernsey Housing Association, and care home residents will take part in the 'ground-breaking' ceremony, joined by residents of both care homes, tenants of neighbouring Courtil Jacques, friends of the care homes, and representatives from the architects, development consultants, and contractors - JW Rihoy (at Le Grand Courtil) and RG Falla (at La Nouvelle Maraitaine).

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