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Population Management

The size and make-up of Guernsey's Population is regulated by the Population Management Law. The Law is designed to make sure that the island has the right mix of people supporting our economy and community now and also for the future. This is done by using an online paperless system of Certificates and Permits along with Immigration Clearance, which gives people the right to live and work in Guernsey.

It aims to support local businesses by providing Permits designed for specific jobs, allowing us to attract a diverse range of skilled people where needed to strengthen Guernsey's workforce.

It also determines who can live in certain accommodation. Guernsey's properties are primarily split into two 'Housing Markets' the Local Market and the Open Market (visit our FAQ Page to find out more).

You can view your Certificate/ Permit and the status of any applications or continue with completing an application using the Population Portal.

If you are new to Guernsey, or are thinking of relocating here please visit our 'Useful Links' page below.


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