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Customer Charter

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The Customer Charter tells you, our customers, what level of service you should expect from us as an organisation and will help us to achieve a more consistent standard of customer care across all our services.

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The level of service we provide and the satisfaction of our customers is very important to us, so based on your feedback we have developed customer promises that we will work to. The Customer Charter promises that we will strive to deliver services which are:

In the 'downloads' section on this page you can find the full Customer Charter, including a large print version, and translated versions of the customer promises available in Latvian, Polish and Portuguese. If you would like the Charter in another format please email

  • What services do we (the States of Guernsey) provide?

    • Our services are diverse, ranging from treating patients at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, caring for and teaching the Islands' children, maintaining historic sites and the Islands' infrastructure (including roads and ports), administering the pensions and benefit systems, promoting Guernsey as a business and visitor destination of choice, to running the prison and emergency services. 
    • This Customer Charter applies to the whole organisation and our promises apply to all of our services to ensure that our organisation strives to deliver consistently excellent customer service.. As the work carried out by each of our services varies so greatly, some individual areas will set more specific service standards of their own alongside the organisation wide Customer Charter.
  • How can you, our customers help?

    • We want to provide an excellent customer experience, and this will be best achieved by us working together. You can help us by:
      • Telling us if you are pleased with any services that you receive so that we can encourage and learn from good practice across the organisation
      • Telling us if you are unhappy with a service and why, giving us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes or see how similar mistakes can be avoided in the future
      • Giving us the correct information at the right time
      • Telling us when something changes
      • Arriving on time for appointments, or letting us know beforehand if you need to change an appointment
      • By treating us as you would expect to be treated yourself. Politely, courteously and fairly.
  • How will we measure our performance against the charter?

    • We are working hard to make sure that the right measures and systems are in place so that we can measure our performance and report on how we are doing against the targets we set.
    • We will use a range of methods to monitor our performance, including;
      • The Island-wide Community Survey which covers all public services
      • Service specific engagement with the community
      • Customer feedback groups
      • Customer feedback and complaints, and
      • Data collected on service provision.
    • Once these measures have been developed we will use this page to report on how we are doing and through local media.
  • How can you contact us?

    • To help us live up to the promises made in our Customer Charter, it's important for us to know how we did. We welcome feedback from you, whether its comments, compliments or complaints because your experience can help us improve our services.
    • Many service areas have their own feedback channels that they will be happy to direct you to and there is also a general form for comments, compliments and complaints here where your feedback will be sent to a relevant member of staff.
    • You can also contact us on or call us on 01481 717000


States of Guernsey Customer Charter States of Guernsey Customer Charter_Large Print Customer Charter Promises (Latviski) Customer Charter Promises (Português) Customer Charter Promises (Polskie)

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