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Declaring cash

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If you are entering or leaving the Bailiwick of Guernsey and are carrying cash in any currency to the equivalent value of 10,000 Euros or more, you must declare this to a Guernsey Border Agency Officer. Cash Controls Legislation controls the movement of cash into and out of the Bailiwick above this value.

  • What is cash?

    • Cash not only means currency notes and coins but also bankers' drafts, cheques of any kind (including travellers cheques), bullion (which includes gold, silver, palladium and platinum, whether pure or impure), ingots, coins and postage stamps.
  • How do I make a declaration?

    • Cash declaration forms are available at the ports. Read the form carefully before completing it. You will be liable to financial penalties, a fine or a term of imprisonment, or both, if you fail to comply with the obligation to declare cash or provide incomplete or incorrect information.
    • When you have completed and signed the form, tear off the top copy and post it in the box provided. Boxes are available at: the Airport departures and arrivals, Harbour terminal arrivals and departures, Outbound car compund waiting room and Customs car clearance hall. The second copy may be deposited at your point of destination. The third copy is for you to keep as evidence of your declaration. Customs Officers of the Guernsey Border Agency may question you about your cash. They will not detain properly declared cash if they have no reason to doubt its legitimacy. Cash which is suspected of being used in connection with or representing the proceeds of crime may be seized.
  • Can Customs Officers seize my cash?

    • Yes, if you fail to declare it or if it is suspected to be the proceeds of crime.
  • If my cash is seized, what happens next?

    • You will be given a notification explaining the procedure should you wish to appeal against the decision of the seizure or for any application for the restoration of the cash.

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