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Cancer & Long Term Chronic Illnesses

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If you have received a cancer diagnosis or other long-term chronic illness, there are day treatment facilities available at Bulstrode Oncology Unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

High quality specialist care is provided by a team of doctors and nurses who work together with other health professionals and volunteers provided by Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief.

  • Cancer Services

    • The Oncology Nursing Team provide a chemotherapy service in Bulstrode Oncology Unit.  The team deliver cancer treatments, provide education and support to those undergoing treatment and liaise with other health professionals to optimise the care given to patients.
    • Weekly multidisciplinary meetings are held to plan care for those receiving treatment by the team.
    • Patients requiring a wig are supported by the staff in the department and information about exercise classes and Look Good Feel Better Sessions as well as a wide range of Macmillan Cancer Information is available for patients and their families.
    • Volunteers from Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief assist the team by serving meals and drinks during chemotherapy sessions.
    • Breast Unit
    • A Breast Care Nurse Specialist based in the Breast Unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital manages the care of women with both benign and disease in both the hospital and the community.
    • A clinical Nurse Specialist provides a cancer related lymphoedema service who works closely with the Breast Care Nurse specialist and palliative care specialist. Together they assess, monitor and treat lymphoedema which has developed as a consequence of cancer or its treatment. Out-patient clinics are currently held in Bulstrode Oncology Unit.
    • A free and confidential breast screening service is available for women over 50 years. The Breast Unit also deals with the treatment of cyclical and non-cyclical breast pain.
    • First line treatments include:
    • Wearing a correctly fitting supportive bra; a night bra can be useful when symptoms are particularly severe
      • Reduce caffeine intake
      • Reduce dietary fat intake
      • Take regular exercise
      • 6-8 week therapeutic dose of primrose oil prescribed by your GP or Consultant Breast Surgeon.
    • Second line treatments include a referral by your GP to the Breast Specialist at the Breast Unit. To arrange a breast screening appointment contact the Breast Unit on Tel: 01481 707730.
    • Support Services links
    • Bright Tight - Tel: 01481 727510 Email:
    • Cancer Research UK (Guernsey Branch)
    • CanDance - Tel: 07839 254115
    • Guernsey Bowel Cancer Awareness
    • Guernsey Cancer Alliance - Email:
    • Guernsey Cancer Support - Tel: 01481 724634
    • Guernsey Myeloma Support Group
    • Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief - Tel: 01481 264298
    • Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG)
    • Pink Ladies
    • Macmillan Cancer Support
    • The Guernsey Friends of Anthony Nolan
  • Palliative Care Services

    • What is palliative care?
    • Palliative care is an approach which improves the quality of life for patients and their families facing life-threatening illness, through the prevention, assessment and treatment of pain and other physical, psychosocial and spiritual problems.
    • How do I access this service?
    • Patients are referred to the Specialist Palliative Care Team by GPs, hospital staff, Social Workers and other agencies. You may also refer yourself by calling 725241 and asking for Specialist Palliative Care Team, although we may need to consult with your Doctor before making arrangements to visit you.
    • Who are the Palliative Care Team?
    • The team consists of clinical nurse specialists and a palliative care social worker.
    • The Palliative Care Specialist Nurses' role focuses on symptom control and support from diagnosis throughout a patient's illness, end of life care and bereavement.
    • The social worker acts as a care co-ordinator and helps patients and families understand their options, identify services they need, and assist with completion of necessary paperwork, such as social security benefit claim forms or advanced care plans.
    • The team is supported by various other health care professionals including dieticians, physiotherapists, community services and other specialist nurses.
    • We also have access to a team of Palliative Care Consultants who provide us with valuable support and advice from their wide knowledge and experience.
    • How can they help you?
    • Pain control - we aim to treat all aspects of pain, including pain caused by any previous underlying illness.
    • Symptom control - we aim to treat the majority of symptoms which occur throughout the illness.
    • End of life - Provide psychological and emotional support to patients and their families.
    • Contact the Specialist Palliative Care Team
    • Specialist Palliative Care Team, Bulstrode Oncology Unit, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Rue Mignot, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8TW
    • Call 725241 and ask for Specialist Palliative Care Team or email
  • Community Continence/Urology Service

    • The Community Continence / Urology Team provide a free service to all Bailiwick of Guernsey patients registered with a GP practice.
    • On referral to the service, an assessment of the patient's needs will be made based on the information received. Where possible the patient will be offered a nurse of the same sex.
    • A home or clinic appointment will be made so a more in depth assessment may be undertaken. On completion of the assessment an individualised treatment plan will be discussed and agreed with by the patient and further follow up contacts will be made. 
    • Referrals Patients are referred to the Community Continence / Urology Team by GP's. We also accept self-referrals (Tel: 725241 ask for Specialist Palliative Care Team), although we may need to consult with your Doctor before making arrangements to visit you.
    • How to contact the Community Urology Service: 
    • Community Urology Service, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Telephone:  01481 725241, ext 4977 /4978
  • Neuropsychology and Chronic pain

    • What we do
    • This service provides neuropsychological assessment and psychological treatment for adults and for people experiencing chronic pain with conditions such as Acquired Brain Injury, stroke, MS, Parkinson's, Epilepsy. It also offers a highly effective pain management program for people experiencing chronic pain. Consultation services are provided for other health professionals and third sector organisations on issues of neuro-rehabilitation, neuropsychology and chronic pain.
    • Clinical Leadership is provided to neurorehabilitation and chronic pain teams and service developments regarding psychological wellbeing in long-term health conditions. The service consists of a Clinical Neuropsychologist and an assistant psychologist.
    • Service users can be referred for Neuro Psychology, by their GP or a Consultant.
  • Consultant and Specialist Nurses

    • The Consultant and Specialist Nurses provide care and support for people with long-term conditions and life-limiting illnesses.
    • This includes healthy lifestyles, prevention of disease, self-management, and health monitoring. They also support patients before and after treatment, on and off island and end of life care as well as offering specialised assessment and treatment interventions.
    • Colorectal /Stoma Service
    • Colorectal and Stoma Care Clinical Nurse Specialists are key workers for patients undergoing major bowel surgery or for those requiring surgery where a stoma is formed.  This includes:
      • Providing on-going support;
      • Being responsive to patient's needs;
      • Acting as a link between other professionals such as Consultant Colorectal Surgeons and Consultant Oncologists;
      • Reviewing patients with bladder cancers and gynaecological cancers that require stoma formation and providing pre-operative counselling.
      • Providing appropriate, relevant information regarding diagnosis, investigation and treatment options;
      • Providing pre-operative counselling and psycho/emotional support for patients given a new Bowel Cancer diagnosis who require surgery or patients requiring surgery for non-cancer related bowel problems. This includes explanations about the intended surgery using enhanced recovery;
      • Community visits for post-operative stoma patients until they are well enough to attend the outpatient clinic;
      • Working closely with Guernsey Ostomates Self Help Support group and Mary's Wish, which is a befriending service for newly diagnosed bowel cancer patients.
    • Referral details
    • It is a free service to all Bailiwick of Guernsey patients registered with a GP Practice.
    • Referrals are accepted from all Health Care Professionals and self-referrals from patients or their relatives requiring advice/ongoing support.
    • Contact us:  The Princess Elizabeth Hospital Tel: 725241 Ext: 4282, Andrea Le Page, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Colorectal and Stoma Care Sadie Robilliard, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Colorectal and Stoma Care Kay Hardwick Colorectal and Stoma Care Nurse (Covering CNS Sadie Robilliard's Maternity Leave)


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