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Medical Conditions, Disabilities & Driving

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This page explains when & how you should inform Driver and Vehicle Licensing (DVL) of a disability or illness that may affect your ability to drive safely. Also how to apply for a Blue Badge and travel information for people with reduced mobility.

It also outlines the procedures necessary should you require a medical report before the issue/re-issue of a driving licence and on how to apply for a Blue Badge.

  • When am I required to have a medical?

    • It is your legal responsibility as a licence-holder or applicant to inform Driver and Vehicle Licensing of any disability or illness that could affect your ability to drive safely. This includes mental as well as physical disability.
    • You will be asked to sign a declaration concerning your health when you apply for your new licence.
    • However, if you become subject to a relevant illness or disability that could affect your driving AT ANY TIME before your current licence expires, then you must notify Driver and Vehicle Licensing.
    • Upon informing us of your medical situation you will usually be asked to submit a doctor's report.
    • If you have a relevant medical condition you will need to submit a medical report to renew your licence at least every five years.
    • You will be sent a reminder notice when your next medical report is required.
    • For Group 2 categories of licence, that is C, D & D1, a medical is required at the age of 45. After this time, you will require a medical report at least every 5 years to renew your licence. On reaching the age of 65 you will be required to undertake a medical on a yearly basis if you wish to retain a Group 2 licence.
    • If you reach the age of 45 and do not wish to undergo a medical then you can opt to relinquish your group 2 entitlements. For a period of 5 years following, you have the option of picking them up again on consent to and subject to passing a medical. After 5 year period has passed you would need to pass a driving test to regain previously relinquished categories.
    • Medical requirements for a Group 2 licence are higher because of the greater size and weight of the vehicle and the likelihood of spending longer at the wheel in an employment capacity.
  • What constitutes an illness or disability that could affect driving?

    • Below is a list of medical conditions which must be notified to Driver and Vehicle Licensing, however, please note this list is of common examples and is not exhaustive;
      • Neurological disorders: Epilepsy, any loss of awareness/blackouts, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), Head Trauma/Surgery.
      • Cardiovascular disorders: Angina, Device Implants, Heart Failure, Heart Surgery including Angioplasty (stent).
      • Psychiatric disorders: Dementia, learning/behavioural/personality disorders (Autism, Asperger's), Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Severe Anxiety or Depression.
      • Visual disorders; Cataracts, Monocular Vision, Diplopia (double vision), Night Blindness.
      • Renal and Respiratory disorders: Chronic Renal Failure, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
      • Drug or Alcohol misuse/dependence: seizure associated with drugs or alcohol, Hepatic Cirrhosis.
      • Miscellaneous conditions; Diabetes Mellitus, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, any condition that requires treatment with regular use of opiate analgesia (benzodiazepines/ morphine), Cancer, AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome).
    • The Driving Licences (Guernsey) Ordinance, 1995, as amended, details specific disabilities for which Driver and Vehicle Licensing must refuse a licence.  Your doctor will usually tell you if you need to inform Driver and Vehicle Licensing of a disability or illness. Please note, as the licence holder it is your responsibility to notify Driver and Vehicle Licensing, your doctor will not to do this for you. 
    • Any disability or illness that could make driving a vehicle a source of danger to the public should be reported to the medical team at Driver and Vehicle Licensing, or if you are unsure and want further advice please contact our medical team on 221000.
  • What if I've had surgery?

    • Unless the medical condition is going to affect you for a period longer than 3 months, there is no need to inform us. It is best to discuss with your doctor when it will be safe to resume driving after surgery.
  • How do I go about getting a medical done?

    • On informing us of your disability or illness you will be given a medical report form. Take this form to your doctor who will complete it for you, this should then be submitted to us, along with your application form if you are applying for or renewing a licence.
    • You are responsible for the fee charged by your doctor for completing the form and this fee is non-refundable.
  • How will my application be processed?

    • The information provided by your doctor is used to assess your application for a driving licence in accordance with the provisions for the Driving Licence (Guernsey) Ordinance, 1995, as amended. The assessment follows the UK Government's Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency's medical guidelines, which are used as the basis of determining driving licence applications.
    • Your Doctor's report will be sent to an Independent Medical Advisor (IMA) for assessment. The decision about your licence is made by us based on the recommendation of the IMA in light of the medical guidelines. Your doctor should be aware of the medical guidelines that will be considered in your assessment and may be able to advise you on the probable outcome. However, please note that the decision on your licence entitlement is not made by your doctor.
    • You have the right to appeal if you disagree with our decision. Once the relevant paperwork is completed, you will receive confirmation in writing of whether your licence can be renewed and for what time period. Refusal to undergo a medical test will result in your licence being refused or revoked.
  • How long will it take?

    • There will be a waiting period while your medical report is considered by the IMA, who may need to make further enquiries. It is recommended that you apply one month in advance to renew your licence if you know that a medical report is required.
  • Accessible Parking (Blue Badge) and Transport

    • Driver & Vehicle Licensing operate a Blue Badge Scheme for people who are severely mobility impaired, are registered blind or claim severe disability allowance.
    • The badge permits a vehicle driven by or carrying a blue badge holder to park for up to two hours in half-hour and one-hour disc parking spaces, and to use special accessible parking spaces marked with the internationally recognised wheelchair symbol and parking signs.
    • Most accessible parking spaces are not time restricted, however some are, so it is important to check parking signage. 
    • If you wish to apply for a Blue Badge you can contact Driver & Vehicle Licensing, Edward T Wheadon House on 221000 or follow this link for further information. Click here for an application form.  
    • If you are a driver and applying for the first time you will also need to submit a full medical report completed by your Doctor. See the section above on - How do I go about getting a medical done? The forms are held at your Doctor's surgery.
    • Badges will be issued for a maximum period of 3 years.
    • Further information regarding transport for disabled people, mobility scooter and the location of accessible parking spaces can be found here.  
    • Click here for information about taxis adapted for wheelchair users. 
    • In a reciprocal agreement, if you are a holder of a Guernsey Blue Badge you can use it in participating countries, and as a visitor to the Island, you are entitled to local parking concessions when you bring your disabled badge. Follow the links for further information:- &
  • Travel information for people with reduced mobility

    • Guernsey Harbours website contains information regarding accessibility please follow the link. Guernsey Harbours
    • Guernsey airport website has information regarding accessibility please follow the link Guernsey Airport
    • Car travel
      • Visitors from any country who hold a blue badge are entitled to use accessible parking spaces in Guernsey and there is no need to set a parking clock (unless otherwise indicated on a parking sign)
      • There are some rules bespoke to driving in Guernsey which you should be aware of before driving on the Island. Information on this can be found here. pdf icon Driving in Guernsey is different [262kb]
    • Bus travel
      • Information about the buses as well as a copy of the current timetable can be found here.
    • Taxi travel
      • For information on accessible taxis follow this link
    • Accommodation
      • Guernsey has a good selection of hotels and guest houses as well as three campsites. Several are disabled friendly; however, you are advised to check accessibility before confirming a booking. Follow the link to visitguernsey for further information.
    • Further information on accessibility
      • Other general information about disability access in Guernsey with regard to community, entertainment, culture & leisure, public and professional, retail & shopping, and travel & accommodation can be found here.


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