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Self-Isolation requirement to change from 17 August 2020

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Wednesday 05 August 2020

The Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA) has agreed to vary the self-isolation requirements for travellers entering the Bailiwick with effect from Monday 17 August 2020, moving Guernsey from where we are in a re-defined Phase 5a of the Exit from Lockdown Framework to a new Phase 5b.

Phase 5b sees the reintroduction of Group A, B & C countries as follows:

Anyone travelling from a Group A country within the previous 14 days must enter compulsory self-isolation for 14 days.

Anyone travelling from a Group B country can:

Passive follow up means a person:

Anyone travelling from a Group C country is not required to undertake any self-isolation or testing. These countries relate to those with agreed air bridges with the Bailiwick.

The countries included in Group A, B & C are subject to change at short-notice. The full list is published here:

Alderney will not be taking part in this Phase 5b arrangement but have indicated that they will review their decision at the beginning of September. Passengers returning to Alderney in the meantime will need to self-isolate for 14 days. Sark will be taking part in Phase 5b - details of the requirements regarding travel to Sark will be released in due course.

Work is continuing on developing Phase 5c and building the resources needed which would enable travellers to enter with very limited or no self-isolation. No timeline or target date has been agreed for a move to Phase 5c. Phase 6 of the Exit from Lockdown Framework would be a return to completely unrestricted (i.e. pre-COVID-19) travel.

Deputy Gavin St Pier, Chair of the Civil Contingencies Authority said:

'This decision by the CCA has been made after consideration of advice from the Director of Public Health and an analysis of the data from the trial of the testing on day 7 programme which was carried out in July.

We know that people need to travel to see their loved ones and to take children to university etc. Reducing the self-isolation requirement to 7 days (on receipt of a negative result) with passive follow up, will hopefully make these trips more manageable for Islanders. However, we still cannot be complacent as we can see from the situation regarding COVID-19 for our near neighbours and beyond.

No decisions to reduce the requirement for self-isolation are without risk, but the introduction of group A, B and C countries will mitigate these risks.'

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