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School buses

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We encourage pupils to use public transport, the schools' bus service or to cycle or walk to school to help reduce traffic around schools and on island roads in general.

Services for September 2023

School transport provision for September 2023 has been finalised.  For those parents that have requested travel, confirmation of the routes and service providers are detailed below.  

Below are details of the decidicated 'private hire' routes that were provided for 2023/2024:



Requesting a place on a school service

If you have not previously requested a place of a school bus, but would now like for this to be considered, please email  .  Your request will be reviewed, and you will be advised if this can be accommodated. 

Student puffinpass

All students in full time education are eligible to apply for a student puffinpass which allows free travel on Scheduled daytime bus services.  Further information can be obtained from the website, Town bus terminus' shop (where application forms have to be submitted) or by contacting CT Plus on Tel 700456.

Should you have a general query with regard to School bus transport, please contact Driver & Vehicle Licensing's Public Transport Section on Tel: 221000. Further details of school bus services to and from each school can be found here. 

School Bus Provision

Currently entitlement to use the dedicated 'private hire' buses depends on the child's age and the distance he or she might live from school.

The existing schools' bus service falls into two categories

1. dedicated 'private hire' buses that operate to specific schools around the Island from the main catchment areas; and

2. the ability for children with a student puffinpass to travel to and from school (and at any other time) on the scheduled bus services. The only exception being travel on night bus services.




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