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Going into Hospital

Comments, Compliments and Complaints - Health and Social Care

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The Princess Elizabeth Hospital provides the Islands with medical treatment and care.

PEH Porters Lodge

The Princess Elizabeth Hospital

The Princess Elizabeth Hospital is the only acute hospital in Guernsey. Officially opened in 1949 by the Princess Elizabeth the PEH (as it is fondly known) celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019. Since then, the PEH has evolved with the community it serves and houses all of the island's diagnostic facilities and acute medical wards to provide the Bailiwick with a consistent, high level of medical treatment and care.

The PEH is made up of 12 wards and various departments. For more information please visit the pages, links and downloads below.

  • Hospital Admissions

    • Your Doctor 
    • Your Doctor will be the first to indicate that you may need hospital treatment and will refer you to the relevant Consultant based at the Medical Specialist Group.
    • The Medical Specialist Group (MSG)
    • The MSG has Consultants of medicine, surgery including Ophthalmology (eye disorders), anaesthetics (pain relief), paediatrics (childhood illness) obstetrics (childbirth and midwifery) and gynaecology (female reproductive system). They provide the majority of the medical services at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.
    • Once your referral has been received your Consultant will then decide whether or not hospital treatment is required and discuss with you what alternative treatments are available and what they would entail.
    • Patients with private medical cover for specialist treatment may choose to consult the MSG, either privately or under the State's scheme.
    • You can find out more details by visiting the MSG website here:
    • For information relating to hospital charges, please call HSC Finance on (01481) 220000.
  • Preparing for Hospital

    • When you arrive at the Hospital, staff will be ready to help you settle in. We advise that you arrange for a relative or friend to bring you to the hospital to help you report to your allocated ward for admission.
    • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    • We always aim to deliver your planned operation/admission on the date you were given. It is, unfortunately, necessary to re-arrange the date due to the hospital experiencing a shortage of staffed beds, or an outbreak of infectious disease, or very high levels of emergency cases.
  • What to bring with you

    • HSC supports "Get Well-Dressed"
    • Get Well-Dressed
    • "Get Well-Dressed" is a HSC campaign to help you to get out of your pyjamas and into your clothes leading to a speedier recovery.
    • Please bring comfortable day clothes (those having hip or knee surgery should bring in loose/comfortable clothing to wear in the post-operative period), and also:
      • Night clothes and dressing gown
      • Slippers
      • Toothbrush and toothpaste
      • Shaving kit
      • Brush/comb
      • Any other personal toiletries
      • Medication
      • Spectacles
      • Hearing aid
      • You may wish to bring other useful items such as money for newspapers, non-alcoholic drinks, reading materials etc.
      • Crutches (if applicable)
    • Patients in hospital for lengthy stays are advised to have personal items of clothing labelled. Our ward staff can arrange this for you with the hospital sewing room if required.
    • Please appreciate that valuables can only be retrieved from the Cashier's Office at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital between 9.00am and 12.30pm, Monday to Friday.
    • Arrangements can be made to accommodate valuables.
  • Getting to the PEH

    • By car
    • There are 3 parking zones:
      • White zones - staff parking
      • Red zones - for visitors and service users
      • Blue zone - short term parking (30 minutes)
    • We provide access and facilities for disabled visitors and wheelchair users at the 3 main hospital entrances.
    • By bus
    • Buses 60, 61, 71, 81 and P2 all visit the PEH Porters Lodge. Please click on this link for more up to date information
    • Visitors who need assistance should report to the Porters Lodge (inside the main entrance) where a member of staff will be pleased to help. You can contact the Porters on (01481) 220000 ext 4218.
    • Disabled toilets are located on:
      • Level 1 (main foyer near the Porters Lodge, next to the Children's Dental Service and near the shop situated by Le Vauquiedor entrance)
      • Level 2 (near De Sausmarez ward and next to the Emergency Department)
  • Admission into Hospital

    • During your stay we will ask you for some information about you (to ensure you receive the care you need), this will be kept with details of your care for any future treatment you may require.
    • If you would like to know more about how we use your information, you can speak to the nurse responsible for your care or to the Corporate Administration Manager, Tel 220000 ext 4327; or by reading leaflet No. HSSD 76 "Safeguarding your Health and Social Care Records", which is available on request.
  • Elective Surgery

    • As Guernsey moves through Phase 5 of the exit from lockdown, health services are starting to return to normal. However, as a result of the response to COVID-19 there has been some disruption to theatre services. A series of FAQs have been put together in order to help answer any questions you might have, and these can be found in the downloads section of this page.
  • Whilst in Hospital

    • Delivery of care
    • Whilst you are in hospital you will be cared for by a team of nurses with one qualified nurse being responsible for planning your care. All care planned will be discussed with you, and you are encouraged to ask any questions relating to this care.
    • Mealtimes
    • All meals are provided by the catering department at the PEH.
    • Special dietary needs are catered for.
      • 7.00 hot/cold drink
      • 7.30-8.00 Breakfast, with a choice of cereal, cooked or continental breakfast and beverage.
      • 10.00 hot/cold drink
      • 11.45-12.15 Lunch, with a choice of main courses, vegetarian and vegan options, dessert and beverage.
      • 15.00 hot/cold drink
      • 17.30-18.00 Dinner, with a choice of main courses, vegetarian and vegan options, dessert and beverage.
      • 20.00 hot/cold drink
    • Visitors may use the restaurant facilities located in the Gloucester Room on level 2 of the hospital.
    • There are also numerous vending machines with refreshments situated throughout the hospital.
  • Canteen (Gloucester Room)

    • The Canteen is situated on Level two, here you can purchase snacks and hot meals 7 days a week.  Please see below for opening times:
      • For snacks
        7.30am - 5.30pm & 6pm - 7.30pm
      • Breakfast
        7.30am - 10.45am
      • Lunch
        12pm - 1.45pm
      • Dinner
        6pm - 7.30pm
  • Specialist Health Insurance Scheme

    • The Specialist Health Insurance Scheme allows residents of Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Jethou (Sark residents are not covered by the scheme) to receive specialist care and treatment free of charge. If you have been registered for the payment of contributions, then you will be covered by the scheme. Children are also covered if at least 1 parent or other guardian is registered.
    • The scheme has 2 main parts relating to hospital admission:
      • A contract between the States of Guernsey and the MSG covering the cost of specialist consultations, treatments, operations and procedures at the MSG and the PEH.
      • A contract between the States of Guernsey and the Guernsey Therapy Group (GTG), covering inpatient physiotherapy treatment in hospital if it is indicated as part of the specialist procedure.
    • The scheme doesn't cover cosmetic surgery, assisted reproduction (IVF) or sterilisation (unless there is a valid clinical need), dentistry or GP consultations and treatment at Emergency Department or Primary Care centre.
    • For further information please use the "Contact Us" button on the top right-hand side of this page or click
  • Alderney Services

    • Please follow this link to find out more about Health and Social Care services at Le Mignot Memorial Hospital, Alderney:

For further information please use the "Contact Us" button on the right hand side of this page.


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