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Guernsey Prison

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Guernsey Prison serves the public by keeping in custody those committed by the Courts.

The Prison has clear objectives keeping within the Prison vision and mission.

The Prison Governor is responsible for the Prison and all prisoners. Being the only prison on the Island, the facility must be equipped to hold remand and sentenced prisoners, males, females, young offenders, children and vulnerable prisoners with varying security categories, offences and sentence lengths. The prison has accommodation to house a maximum of 134 prisoners.

The Prison provides primary care services for prisoners, which includes initial health screens and assessments on arrival at the Prison, other healthcare services are provided in conjunction with external agencies as required.

Our Vision is to; Ensure public protection and commit to reduce re-offending.

Our Mission is to; provide a safe and secure environment that enables prisoners to address the causes of offending behaviour and provide them with values, skills and experience to take a positive role in the community upon release

We aim to deliver a value-based service which centres on positive outcomes for the prison community. Our core values are;

We identify 'Strategic Pathways' in partnership with other departments and voluntary agencies. The needs of individual offenders in relation to each pathway will be identified through the assessment and sentence planning process and managed by the Offender Manager and Offender Management team.

Many offenders will have complex needs requiring multiple interventions. Identifying the offenders at most risk of reoffending and focusing resources on those offenders is a key component of the offender management model. In summary, every offender is assessed, and clear goals set for reducing risk of reoffending. Public protection procedures are a key element in offender management. Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements involve a range of Government and voluntary agencies to manage the most difficult and dangerous offenders.

The Strategic Pathways key to reducing reoffending are:

Guernsey Prison is committed to becoming a trauma informed establishment by upskilling the care givers, changing the way in which we view prisoner care and promoting core values in our staff team.


Prison Population. Fair Processing Notice - Prison Annual Report 2022

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