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Compliments, comments and complaints

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Your feedback is important to us and we welcome the opportunity for our customers to help us improve through your feedback.

You can feedback to us on your own, with the help of someone else, or you can ask someone else who is content to act on your behalf.

Please note: These services maintain their own procedures for dealing with feedback and complaints: Health & Social Care, Education, Family Proceedings Advisory Service, Development & Planning, Bailiwick Law Enforcement, Prison, Royal Court and the Trading Group such as Dairy, Harbour and Airport. Please see the below section on Service-Specific Complaints Procedures to feed back about them.

The States of Guernsey Customer Charter sets out what level of service you should expect from us and a set of customer promises that we work to. It promises that we strive to deliver services which are:

You can send us compliments, complaints or comments (CCC) about your experience of using any of our services. Whether you are happy or unhappy with a service provided or decisions made, or whether you would like to provide us with a suggestion for improvement, we welcome all feedback.

Service-specific Complaints Procedures

As the States of Guernsey provides a range of services (and in some cases in collaboration with external stakeholders), some services maintain their own procedures for dealing with feedback and complaints that fall outside of the corporate guidance provided in the Customer Guidance document in the Downloads section of this page. Those services are listed below. The associated links will take you to more information on the relevant processes to ensure the right procedure is carried out and complainants are directed through the correct resolution pathway: 

  • Health and Social Care Services

    • The dedicated Customer Care Team are the first point of contact for service users to give feedback on any service or treatment that you have received from Health & Social Care (HSC) or the Medical Specialist Group (MSG).
    • The complaints policy and contact information can be found on the Customer Care Team webpage.
  • Education Services

    • Details of standards which apply across education services and in schools, and how you can pass on a compliment make a comment or report a complaint can be found here. The States of Guernsey Early Years Team also have a separate complaints process which is set out on their website here.
    • Please note that the process for making a comment or raising a complaint about the College of Further Education is managed by the College and the procedure is available here.
  • Family Proceedings Advisory Service (FPAS)

  • Development & Planning Authority (D&PA) and Planning Service

  • Bailiwick Law Enforcement

    • Complaints about Police Officers are managed under the framework of the Police Complaints (Guernsey) Law, 2008. For a matter to qualify as a complaint under the Police Complaints Law it must be about the conduct of a serving officer of the Guernsey Police Force.
    • Complaints against lower-ranking police officers must be referred to the Professional Standards Department, via the following website: Make a complaint - Guernsey Police, together with full contact details for the local Professional Standards and Counter Corruption Unit.
    • Complaints about Senior Police Officers (ranked Superintendent or above) should, be addressed to the Committee of Home Affairs, at Sir Charles Frossard House or via email
    • All other complaints in relation to Guernsey Border Agency Officers and/or civilian members of staff should be dealt with in accordance with the States of Guernsey corporate procedures and guidance.
  • Guernsey Prison

    • Complaints made by prisoners are treated differently from complaints made by members of the public.
    • For prisoners wishing to make complaints, the Prison Order 61 'Complaints Procedure' follows the legislation as directed by the States of Guernsey delegated powers of the Home Affairs Committee. This process will be managed internally at the Prison.
    • All other complaints received regarding the Prison made by members of the public should be dealt with in accordance with the general complaints processes and guidance.
  • Royal Court

    • Should you wish to make a complaint in relation to customer service received at the Royal Court, you can find the relevant internal complaints procedure here. Please note, however, this does not extend to appealing court decisions for which there is a separate formal process.
  • Trading Group

    • Guernsey Dairy maintains an internal policy which relates specifically to complaints/feedback concerning product quality. This is managed internally upon receipt of such complaints. The Guernsey Dairy website can be found here.
    • The Harbour and the Airport also maintain their own complaints procedures that can be found on their websites here.

All other complaints received by the organisation in respect of service delivery should be dealt with in accordance with the States of Guernsey's corporate processes and guidance, as set out above. For the avoidance of doubt, these processes should apply to all other services and functions delivered by the States of Guernsey, unless otherwise identified above. This includes services within the Customer Hub and Enabling Services (Human Resources, Finance, Intelligent Client Function, Property, Commercial).


CCC - Providing Feedback – Guidance for Customers Fair Processing Notice - Corporate Complaints

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