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Island Development Plan

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The Island Development Plan (IDP) sets out the land planning policies for the whole of Guernsey in a single document and was adopted by the States of Guernsey on the 2nd November 2016. The IDP replaces both the Urban Area Plan and the Rural Area Plan with immediate effect.

Planning policies seek to balance social, environmental and economic considerations to ensure that new development supports the public interest. These planning policies are grouped together to form a Development Plan.

The law places a duty on the Authority to produce a Development Plan for the island which allow the States to manage development across the island and set out the factors it will take into account when deciding planning applications.

A Development Plan sets out what can be built, where, and how buildings are used. It is used to plan strategically, looking at future needs to be addressed, what change is likely to happen and where, and what policies are needed to achieve this.

The Authority must consider the Island Development Plan policies when deciding applications for planning permission.

  • The Island Development Plan (2016)

    • Online
    • The Island Development Plan (2016) Written Statement and Proposals Map are now available online:
    • pdf icon Island Development Plan (2016) [20Mb] and Proposals Map
    • Interactive version
    • Please also find a copy of the pdf icon Interactive Island Development Plan (2016) [16Mb]  which includes a range of interactive features to help you navigate around the document.
    • The associated Environmental Statement and its Non Technical Summary are also available to download:
    • pdf icon Environmental Statement 2016 [8Mb]
    • pdf icon Non Technical Summary of EIA for Island Development Plan 2016 [329kb]
    • Where can I purchase and view copies of the Island Development Plan and associated documents?
    • The Island Development Plan and associated documents can be viewed at the Planning Service reception and the Greffe during normal opening times.
    • The Island Development Plan and associated documents are also available for purchase at the Planning Service reception at Sir Charles Frossard House during normal opening times.
    • You can purchase a copy in the following ways:
    • Full Plan Pack - £35.00 per copy
    • Written Statement
    • 1 x Island Development Plan Proposals Map
    • 2 x Main Centres Inset Maps
    • 7 x Local Centres Inset Maps
    • 1 x ES Non-Technical Summary
    • Maps Pack - £7.00 per copy
    • 1 x Island Development Plan Proposals Map
    • 2 x Main Centres Inset Maps
    • 7 x Local Centres Inset Maps
    • Environmental Statement - £35.00 per copy
    • 1 x Environmental Statement
    • 1 x  Non- Technical Summary



Island Development Plan Process

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