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Registration numbers

Contact Us - Driver and Vehicle Licensing

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  • Exchange a registration number

    • To exchange registration numbers between two vehicles that are currently registered in Guernsey, you will need to submit the Vehicle Registration Certificate for each vehicle along with two 'Exchange of Registration Mark' forms (one for each vehicle, signed by the registered keeper). There will be a single fee of £110.00.
    • When exchanging registration numbers between three or more vehicles, there is a charge of £55.00 per vehicle (e.g. an exchange of registrations between three vehicles would be £165.00, and between four vehicles would be £220.00).
    • If you would like to retain a registration number from a vehicle you own, to use straight away on a vehicle you are registering for the first time in Guernsey, you will need to submit the Vehicle Registration Certificate for the existing vehicle, a completed 'Exchange of Registration Mark' form and the required registration paperwork for the imported vehicle (see, along with the exchange of registration fee of £55.00 and the first registration fee of £55.00 (a total of £110.00). Please note that the imported vehicle may also be subject to a one-off First Registration Duty.
    • Further advice and assistance is available by contacting DVL at Edward T Wheadon House on tel: 221000 or email:
  • Retaining a registration number

    • You can retain a registration number from a vehicle in your name and retain it for up to one year until you are ready to assign to another vehicle in your name, for a fee of £110.00. (This fee includes assigning the registration number to a vehicle at a later date). The retention period can be extended for one further year for an additional fee of £110.00, however, the extension must be requested before the expiry date of the original period of retention. 
    • You will need to submit the Vehicle Registration Certificate of the vehicle from which you are retaining the registration number and a completed 'Exchange of Registration Mark' form.  
    • The registration number will be retained and a Certificate of Retention will be issued to you as proof of the registration number being held in your name.  A new registration number will be issued to the original vehicle as part of the process and a new Vehicle Registration Certificate produced.
    • If you choose to retain a registration number for future use, it will be retained in the name of the current registered keeper of the vehicle. Once a registration number is retained, it is non-transferable, meaning that the registration number can only be allocated to a vehicle registered in the same name.
    • Further advice and assistance is available by contacting DVL at Edward T Wheadon House on tel: 221000 or email:
  • Using a retained registration number

    • If you would like to assign your retained registration number to a vehicle in your name, you must submit the Certificate of Retention, along with a completed 'Exchange of Registration Mark' form and the Vehicle Registration Certificate for the vehicle. If you have lost the Certificate of Retention you can find an application form for a duplicate document here.
    • If you would like to use your retained registration number on an imported vehicle being registered for the first time in Guernsey, you must submit your Certificate of Retention along with the required registration paperwork for the imported vehicle (see, and the first registration fee of £55.00. If you have lost the Certificate of Retention you can find an application form for a duplicate certificate here. Please note that the vehicle may also be subject to a one-off First Registration Duty
    • Further advice and assistance is available by contacting DVL at Edward T Wheadon House on tel: 221000 or email:
  • Special registration numbers

    • Registration marks are the property of the States of Guernsey and are assigned to private vehicles for registration purposes. However, vehicle keepers can apply for and purchase the 'right' to use a particular registration mark.
    • Definition of "Special" Marks (Registration Numbers)
      • The current definition of a "special" mark is a palindrome five digit number or consecutive five digit, or a five digit with two sets of doubles in it OR a one, two, three or four digit number for motor vehicles. It therefore follows that any other registration mark not included in these categories is deemed to be a non-special mark.
      • From time to time, DVL make "special" marks available for sale either at public auctions or by sealed tender. Details of these sales, including the marks on offer, are published in the Guernsey Press and on this web site.


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