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Revenue Service

Contact Us - Revenue Service

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Our aim is to provide an efficient, integrated, customer focused service. To do this, we have joined the service areas within the States of Guernsey responsible for the collection of Income Tax and Social Security Contributions. This is just one example of how the States of Guernsey is transforming the way it interacts with customers.

Following the launch of the Revenue Service we have staff available at Edward T Wheadon House to capture your feedback on the services we provide.  If you are an online customer and would like to have your say then you can find our survey here here.

Our existing Income Tax and Social Security Contributions pages have undergone only minor changes and the content remains the same. As we develop the service further there may be additional changes.

Below is some information which will help to explain these changes. Please click on the relevant question to reveal the answer.

  • What has changed with the launch of the Revenue Service?

    • The law has been changed to enable the assessment and collection of Income Tax and Social Security Contributions to become a single service under the care of the Director of the Revenue Service.
  • What does the launch of the Revenue Service mean for me?

    • The introduction of the Revenue Service means that there is now a single point of contact for both Income Tax and Social Security Contributions. The joining of these services will mean an improved experience for our customers, introducing more online services to help us tailor the service to our customers' needs. There are new contact details for the Revenue Service. You can find these by clicking on the 'Contact us' button.
  • Where is the Revenue Service based?

    • You should find all the information you need about the Revenue service online but you can also e-mail us or give us a call, if we need to meet with you in person one of the team will arrange it with you in advance and let you know the time and the place. If you have a question that you would like to ask in person then you can visit our Corporate Customer Services Counter on Level 3 at Edward T Wheadon House.
  • Will I be able to see my Income Tax and Contribution records online?

    • Yes, over time, we expect that most functions will be available online, enabling you to view submitted tax returns, make payments, request a repayment and request a coding notice online.
  • Before the Revenue Service launched I was told I didn't need to complete an annual tax return, will I need to complete one now?

    • No, if you were previously told by Income Tax that you weren't required to complete a tax return, this remains the same. If your circumstances change or you are unsure whether you need to complete a tax return, please get in contact with us.
  • Will the information that I provide remain confidential?

    • All information provided by you is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Law. Information will only be shared where there is a requirement to do so and where there is a legal obligation. For further information, please refer to the Fair Processing Notices published on this page.
  • If I owe money to both Income Tax and Contributions can I pay this in one transaction?

    • Yes, you can pay this in one transaction online. If you are paying by any other method, you will need to let us know how you would like the payment to be allocated.
  • As an employer, are there any changes when submitting my quarterly returns on Returns Creator?

    • There are no changes to the way you submit your quarterly return. You will still receive separate remittances in respect of Income Tax and Contributions.



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